Infant Mortality Rate in the UAE Report Essay

Infant Mortality Rate in the UAE Report Essay

Summarize the main mortality indicators listed in this website

Total Population

The total population of a country is the summation of all individuals living in a certain particular geographical area. In this case, the total population of people living in UAE is 9,157,000 (Magyarország, 2003). This number represents the average population after estimating the population of both the death rate as well as birth rates. Infant Mortality Rate in the UAE Report Essay.

Gross National Income Per Capita

The evaluation of the value of the country depends on the average income of every person in the nation. As such, Gross national income per capita is a tool that shows the total value of the nation in terms of dollar. The GNI per capita of United Arabs Emirates is $ 2012 (Felbermayr, Hiller & Sala, 2008). This represents the average income of every citizen in the country. Determination of Gross national income per capita is important to ascertain the level of income in the country and compare its value with the other nations. An economy performs fairly when GNI per capita is high.

Life Expectancy at Birth m/f (years, 2015)

Many people tend to estimate the number of years that they are likely to live after their birth. Life Expectancy at birth is the average that babies can live in the environment after birth (Koontz & Hallman, 2004). It give the people the estimates age that people are likely to die. For instance, for the case of UAE, Life Expectancy at birth in 2025 is 76/79.

Probability of Dying under Five (per 1000 live births, 0)

The probability of dying under five gives the number of people that can die before reaching five years. It calculates the number of deaths of children below five years in a group of 1000 people. From the statistics, it is apparent that there is no probability of dying under five in UAE.

Probability of Dying between 15 And 60 Years m/f (per 1000 population, 2013)

The probability of dying between 15 and 60 years represents the number of deaths of people with ages between 15 and 60 years (Anson & Luy, 2014). This statistics also represent the death rate of youths in the country. In 2013, the probability of dying at ages between 15 and 60 years is 84/59.

Total Expenditure on Health Per Capita (Intil $, 2014)

This fraction of national per capita takes care of health of individuals in the country. It represents the amount of income that people spend on health. In 2014, the average income spent on health in UAE is 2.405.


Total Expenditure on Health as % of GDP (2014)

Total health expenditure is the total of both private and public of health expenses. This total cost covers all the health care services in the country. It is normally expressed in percentage in comparison with GDP (California, 2000). The total health expenditure of UAE in 2014 is 3.6. Infant Mortality Rate in the UAE Report Essay.

Infant Mortality Rate in AUE

Infant Mortality Rate= (infant deaths/live births)X1000

= 76/79 X 1000

= 962.03

Technical Problems That May Arise When Calculating IMR
Counting the Number of Deaths

Ascertaining the number of deaths in a particular geographical location becomes a problem. Usually, people assume that that the death represents the rate of death per year when the number of deaths keeps on changing (California, 2000). However, the results do not show the difficulty in counting the number of deaths, which leads to unrealistic figures.

Inaccurate Sources of Data used for Calculating IMR

The sources that provide data used for calculating IMR are not reliable. It is difficult to determine the accuracy of these data to arrive at reliable results. In this regard, people tend to assume these data and calculate IMR of the country (Ali, 2010). Such calculations may lead to wrong interpretation as well as irrelevant decision-making. Infant Mortality Rate in the UAE Report Essay.

Exclusion of Stillbirth Rates

The data used in calculating IMR does not include the population of stillbirths. In this case, infant deaths should begin from the features of 28 weeks. It is not easy to determine the stillbirths because there is no data that records such deaths (Ali, 2010). For instance, IMR does not include the deaths that result from abortion. As a result, the figures from IMR may not be reliable for interpretation.


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