Importance of Nursing Theory.

Importance of Nursing Theory.

Introduction A good introduction typically begins with a few general statements about the topic (three to four) followed by a purpose. One example of a purpose statement for this assignment would be: The purpose of this paper is to discuss the importance of nursing theory for the profession and why concepts are important to define a nursing theory. Finally, this paper will describe why relational statements are important to nursing theory.Importance of Nursing Theory.


Theory Importance Why is nursing theory important to the profession (list one reference). Concepts & Relational Statements Why are concepts and relational statements important in a nursing theory (list a reference) Conclusion A good conclusion summarizes the major points in a paper, no references are needed in the conclusion. The conclusion for this assignment should be at least one full paragraph.Importance of Nursing Theory.

Nursing theory defines nursing, the functions, roles and responsibilities of nurses and reasons for undertaking them. It characterizes knowledge-based and organized concepts defining the nursing practice. Often, they explain, predict and describe the nursing phenomenon. It is divided into grand nursing theories, middle-range nursing theories and practice-level nursing theories. As such, the purpose of this paper is to explore the importance of nursing theory to the nursing profession together withthe significance of its concepts and relational statements.Importance of Nursing Theory.

Nursing theory is important in defining the scope of the nursing practice. It outlines the functions, tasks and practices of nurses and provides reasons of carrying them out. The development of the theory in the 19th century sought to advance the nursing education(Roy,2018). It provides a framework to shape the patient care parameters which creates a linear focus that emphasizes on the treatment of the patient as well as meeting their unique individual needs. Nursing theories inform nurses on the formulation of effective evidence-based strategies for patient care which align with the various expected outcome.Importance of Nursing Theory.

Nursing theories incorporate purposes and concepts that guide the nursing practice creating a more specific and complex practice. The concepts include the person, nursing, health and environment. The concept of person describes the patient while nursing describes the characteristics, attributes and nursing actions of care provision. The environment is the external and internal surrounding affecting the patient while health is the degree of wellbeing or wellness experienced by the client. The concepts provide a foundation of knowledge concerning the concepts of care. These helps in interpreting the practice and as well promotes the articulation of evidence that justifies the practice methodologies. Relational statements clarify the existing relationship among and between concepts(Mintz-Binder, 2019).Importance of Nursing Theory.