Implementing Patient and Family Centered Care Essay

Implementing Patient and Family Centered Care Essay

In collaboration with the approved course preceptor, students will identify a specific evidence-based topic for the capstone project change proposal. Write a 150-250 word summary explaining which category your topic and intervention are under (community or leadership). You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

The health care systems undergo dynamics to meet the changes that have proven to be more effective through evidence-based research. Initially, disease-oriented approach was the main model in health care practice. However, with extensive research, patient and family centered care (PFCC) has proven to be effective (Ens, Bazylewski & Duchscher, 2018). Implementing Patient and Family Centered Care Essay. The new model involves involvement of the clients in the treatment process by practicing information sharing, dignity and respect, participation and collaboration form both parties. PFCC is effective in since the consumers play their role in achieving goals set to address the presenting health needs.


PFCC has a huge challenge of knowledge deficit in modern day practice. The new model has a lot that needs to be learnt by both the consumers and the providers of health care providers. Knowledge deficit about the model results into breach of the principals of PFCC rendering it ineffective. Failure to understand the need to share information with health consumers results in poor collaboration that yield ineffective performance. Patients and families on the other end may fell that it is their right to receive health care services and all they have to do is to wait for the care givers to play their roles.Implementing Patient and Family Centered Care Essay Consequently, they end up failing to fulfill their obligations in the treatment process making it a challenge for the other party. When the is no collaboration between the two parties then PFCC is not implemented. Instead, the care providers use the disease-oriented model to provide treatment hence ineffectiveness. Therefore, there is need for health stakeholders to invest in education of the essence and effectiveness of PFCC (Goodridge et al., 2018). Having the knowledge will ensure that all the parties strive to make the model a success.


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