Impact of ICT on Nursing Care

Impact of ICT on Nursing Care

PICO-T Question

What is the impact of ICT on nursing care?

Population: Occupational health nurses ages 25-55 years old.

Occupational health nurses play an integral role in monitoring employees’ health status, development and implementation of health and safety programs and programs for disease prevention, document illnesses and injuries of employees at the workplace, assess and observe a work environment for potential hazards and dangers, and act as gatekeepers for healthcare services.

Intervention: Identify differences in acceptance and satisfaction with ICT among the different age groups.

ICT embodies all forms of technologies that capture, store, process and promote information exchange electronically for health promotion, disease prevention, and management (Rouleau, Gagnon & Côté, 2015). Impact of ICT on Nursing Care


Comparison: Identify the positive and negative effects of technology in nursing care among the different age groups.

ICT use promotes patient-centric and affordable care, improves the quality of care, promotes the ability to share information, educate patients and healthcare providers, and inspires the development of other relations. Despite these known benefits, ICT use creates a distance between patients and nurses as well as among healthcare staff (Rouleau, Gagnon & Côté, 2015). This has affected nurses’ ability to provide direct care (face-to-face) as used to traditionally.

Outcome: Satisfaction of nurses with ICT with the delivery of care

Nurses should express their satisfaction with ICT systems in healthcare delivery for the following reasons: ICT systems support daily clinical practice, promote personalized care, are user friendly, and are easily accessible by the bedside.


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Impact of ICT on Nursing Care