Immunization Program Paper Essay

Immunization Program Paper Essay

The following report and recommendation are directed to The World Health Organization (WHO).  The WHO through its agents, associates and field officers, have the capacity and ability to help reduce the rate of infant mortality rate at the Horn of Africa. The report is aimed at sensitizing this organization on the importance of rolling an immunization program to help reduce the rate and level of infant mortality rate in the Refugees Camps in the world and mostly in the Horn of Africa. The program is particularly necessary at this time if we are to save the lives of 250, 000 children currently living in the camps located in Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti and Eritrea..Immunization Program Paper Essay

This report shows the rate of infection of diseases and the rate of death of children below the age of five. The report shows that 95% of children who die in Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya lose their lives to what could be prevented. In the year 2011 alone, 3245 children died of TB in Dadaab Refugee Camp alone.Immunization Program Paper Essay This is 2.45% of the total children in the camp. 123 children died of polio while other 6754 were permanently paralyzed by the same. The number of children who died of whooping cough and related complications is 345. The report derived from the research carried shows that about 7564 children died by the end of year 2011 from other complications, which could be treated. The report further shows that unless the necessary action is taken, 14, 567 children will be dead by the end of the year 2015. This will represent 24.5% of all children the camps. The report shows that if the program starts immediately, 8.700 children will be saved. This is 59.72% of all the endangered children.


The immunization program will help reduce the mortality rate in the region. The report will act as a guide in fighting this problem. The recommendations made will acts as a guide in estimating the required financial factors, planning the mission. The whole exercise will require about $345,000,000 to make it a success. The amount will be used in paying salaries to the workers, buying of the required equipment, putting up and transporting of logistics and research. The time of achieving this will be about 18 months. The time required is for field research, setting up the logistics, hiring professionals and carrying out the actual exercise (UNICEF 2005). The regional governments and should also provide transport, infrastructure, security and personnel during the exercise. The United Nations should take part in financing this exercise..Immunization Program Paper Essay

The information about the exercise can be collected by use of both primary and secondary methods. In primary, the observers can visit the affected area and do their own observation of the conditions on the ground. In secondary, they can use secondary materials like health records in the area. These are adequate for the collection of the required information.

There is need to evaluate information it to make sure that it is credible and enough to make recommendations. In this case, there are different criteria that can be used to evaluate the information. Comparisons with other information sources can be used to verify the facts and figures provided. Consulting of experts should also be emphasized. This is because the experts have the ability to determine whether the information is realistic or not. In making of the recommendation, the information used has to be accurate and realistic. Therefore, these are some of the factors that will be considered.Immunization Program Paper Essay


In conclusion, the program will not only benefit the refugees but even the host states. The program will ensure that the whole world is working towards the millennium development goals. The consideration and evaluation of the reports and its recommendations will ensure that this happens swiftly and in the required time.Immunization Program Paper Essay