Hormone Replacement Therapy Sample

Hormone Replacement Therapy Sample

Hormone replacement therapy is a female medication containing estrogen and synthetic progesterone that replaces hormones that are no longer after menopause. Common symptoms that are likely to occur in menopause include; moods swings, hot rashes, lack of sexual desire, sleep problems and vaginal problems such as dryness and itching. These drugs can be taken in form of tablets or cream. Hormone therapy has a benefit of preventing heart diseases, colorectal cancer, osteoporosis and stroke for those women who take it for a short-period of time (Mayo, 2011). For those women who undergo menopause naturally, it’s important to prescribe estrogen together with progesterone to prevent the occurrence of uterine cancer, colon cancer and ovarian cancer.Hormone Replacement Therapy Sample


Recent studies show that women who take estrogen and progestin increase are at high risk of stroke, heart diseases and breast cancer. The studies also indicate that there are no risk of contracting breast cancer for those women who take medicine with no estrogen will the one who take estrogen alone may suffer from stroke and blood clotting on legs. Despite the health problems associated with estrogen it is the perfect medication for treating menopause risks. Women who reach menopause early experience different heath problems compared to those who experience it normally. These risks include; greater possibility of bone disorder, heart cancer and the breast cancer is likely to decrease. Hormone therapy decreases the risk of osteoporosis and heart diseases for those women who take it early after menopause. Women who have breast cancer; blood clots, the one who do not have menopause symptoms and heart disease should not take hormone therapy to reduce the menopause risk (Mayo, 2011).Hormone Replacement Therapy Sample

To prevent additional problems associated with hormone therapy one needs to follow the doctor’s prescriptions properly and know the right medication to take. It’s also important to change the lifestyle instead of taking hormone therapy medicine to avoid menopause risks. As a patient who has been prescribed this medicine, I would like to discuss with the doctor the symptoms that am experiencing in menopause. Through this the doctor will be at a better position to know the correct content of hormone therapy that I should take. My background in health is also crucial, since it will help the doctor to determine the kind of health problem that I have experienced and decide the right dosage. I would accept the doctor’s advice since after discussing the symptoms with him and my health problem is likely to get an absolute solution to my problem. The doctor will help me in knowing the kind of diet that will help cope with these problems. Doctor advice is also important in knowing the correct dosage to avoid over usage that may bring complications.

Hormone therapy is a medication that is crucial during menopause and should be taken as prescribed. One needs to consult a doctor for proper dosage of these medicines to avoid future risks and the side effects associated with them.Hormone Replacement Therapy Sample