Holtz Children’s Hospital Essay Paper

Holtz Children’s Hospital Essay Paper


Holtz children’s hospital is one of the biggest hospitals that offer pediatric teaching. The hospital has been in line in the prevention of catheter associated blood stream infection whose acronym is CA-BSI. Why would one question whether the well documented improvement efforts CA-BSI in adult ICU settings are transferrable to pediatric setting? The pediatric intensive care unit has made tremendous improvements in the prevention of catheter associated blood stream infections. In a pediatric setting, there have been efforts by the safety officers to try and use new methods that can help in curbing CA-BSI. The team mandated with reducing catheter associated blood stream infections used methods such as sterile insertion techniques and used Biopatch antimicrobial devices on all central lines. The team also used nonsterile gloves and betadine in catheter entry. The need to make improvements in pediatric intensive care units led to the establishment of professionals to help in the prevention of CA-BSI. This has enabled patients with central line infections to be transferred to the pediatric care unit (Gerald, 2009).Holtz Children’s Hospital Essay Paper

Why might some PICU staff members resist implementing the central line bundle its success elsewhere? To answer this question, first one has to know what the key components of Central line bundle are. The key components are hand hygiene, maximal obstacle precautions upon insertion, daily review of line obligation with timely removal of unnecessary lines, optimal catheter site choice with avoidance of the femoral vein for central venous access in adult patients and chlorhexidine skin sterileness. Implementation of the central line bundle involves a lot of resources and efforts. It also involves time dedication to oversee its success. Also, not all patients may for example, maintain hand hygiene which can lender central line bundle a failure. Some PICU staff members might resist the implementation of its success elsewhere for these reasons (Mermel, 2000).Holtz Children’s Hospital Essay Paper


CA-BSI also known as catheter associated blood stream infection affects almost all patients. The transfer of CA-BSI in the pediatric intensive care unit has enabled success in preventing the infection. The introduction of central line bundles has incorporated new methods that have helped in the fight against catheter associated blood stream infections.Holtz Children’s Hospital Essay Paper