HIM 220 EHR Implementation

HIM 220 EHR Implementation

Requirements: You are required to post one initial post and to follow up with at least two response posts for each discussion topic assignment.

Review the “Real World Case” involving EHR implementation at Home Health of America on page 82 of Introduction to Information Systems for Health Information Technology.

In your initial post, discuss the following:

· What went wrong?

· What could have been improved during the planning phase?

· What steps might have been missed during the implementation phase?



Guidelines for Submission: Write an initial post, ideally 1–2 paragraphs, and reply to at least two posts during the week outside of your initial post thread.

Responses to classmates needed, note areas of agreement or disagreement with their suggested improvement to planning and analysis of missed steps in implementation.

· Alexis Bell posted May 11, 2020 3:19 PM

After reviewing the “Real word case” In reading it a couple of times. It seems as though implementing a new EHR without doing test runs on the news system and going live slowly would have given the facility a better chance at actually seeing the Erra’s life and fix then as you find them. Going live in any faculty without testing causing my things to go wrong in the new system. Things may not upload in the system correctly. Going live without knowing the nuances that may happen before allowing so many mistakes from the home office to loading from the home of the patients.

When working in the Holmes. You have to make sure the homes have the internet and compatibles such as google chrome. Firefox or Mozilla to use the system to document from an iPad or laptop to the EHR to be saved or uploaded to make sure everything in the system. If the is done in phases. This will make sure the implementation of the new EHR is working on all ends. They will assist any nurses, therapists, nursing aides, or other staff members working remoting to upload the information on patients who are homebound to be placed in the system and saved correctly.

The planning should never have been rushed at all this causes all types of issues for the staff that can’t be fixed in two seconds. A new EHR system consists of tasks, orders, patient demo tab. Outside notes, scanned inside notes and my more tasks that are required by the facility

HIM 220 EHR Implementation