High Blood Pressure Essay

High Blood Pressure Essay

Regular physical activities, exercises, and fitness are critically essential for the wellbeing and health of persons of all ages. Research has revealed that virtually person can benefit from regular physical activity irrespective of whether they engage in dynamic exercise or some moderate physical bustle. Even among weak and ill people can improve their state through physical activities. Therefore, physical fitness must be of great significance for people of any age. This paper is going to delineate the positive impacts of physical activities on health and elucidate how physical exercises play a crucial role in the maintenance of general well-being. High Blood Pressure Essay

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Physical activity is known as the bodily movements performed by skeletal muscles that are an outcome of energy expenditure. The energy spending is calculated in kilocalories. Physical functions in daily life are categorized into sports, occupational, training, and household activities as well as other undertakings. Though there is no sure-fire recipe for perfect health, the combination of healthy eating and steady exercise comes appallingly close. Many of the nutrition sources praise a balanced diet. At this point, one can realize th eimportance of physical activity. Frequent exercises or physical activities help human systems function better, maintain patients with heart diseases and other disorders; they are an indespensible component of reducing weight. With respect to the 2009 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, being physically vigorous on the regular basis is a medicine for curing hypertension (Wei 1548). Regular exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Persons who lead an active life are less prone to get hypertension disorders and more likely to live longer. Exercises not only make someone physically fit, but also maintain their hypertension health and general wellbeing.High Blood Pressure Essay

Regular physical activities reduce the number of deaths among middle-aged people with hypertension disorders. Persons who are abstemiously energetic on the steady basis have a reduced mortality rate as compared to the persons who are less active. Regular physical activities result into cardiovascular fitness that reduces the risk of hypertension disease and mortality rate. Hypertension is the main underlying reason for cardiovascular complications and high number of deaths. Regular physical activities can prevent or delay the development of high blood pressure and reduce blood pressure in persons with hypertension (Sherman 880).High Blood Pressure Essay

Regular exercise might reduce weight. Physical activities burn up calories and thus support a healthy energy balance. Training is necessary for everyone to uphold a healthy weight. Persons are more likely to get overweight if they are not active. Physical activities alone can enhance weight loss if a person is obese or overweight. The more a person exercises, the more weight they lose. However, combining exercises with a balanced diet will mean either weight control or weight loss, which is essential to persons with high blood pressure (Butler et al. 48).High Blood Pressure Essay


Regular physical activities are also necessary for preserving muscle strength, joint functioning, bone health, and joint structure. Weight-bearing physical activities are necessary for standard skeletal development during adolescence and childhood and for maintaining peak bone weight in adults. Physical exercise especially muscle strengthening and resistance activity protect post-menopausal women from the rapid reduction in bone mass. Nevertheless, the data on the impacts of physical activity on the post-menopausal bone losses are not precise, and the intervention timing like stage of the menopausal transition may influence the responses. Physical activities comprising muscle-strengthening exercises appear to prevent fractures and fall among the elderly adults probably by adding muscle balance and strength. Such physical exercises are vital for persons with high blood pressure (Sherman 883).High Blood Pressure Essay

Regular physical activities may help save the lives of people with hypertension. Although no research has not been carried out to conclusively show the direct link between physical activities and lowering blood pressure, such a relationship may be expected. Researchers have found that engaging into physical activities upsurges adolescents’ self-confidence and lowers stress and anxiety. Improving mental health, physical activities can help restore the blood pressure. It was found out that spending extra time on physical activities did not have adverse impacts on the standardized blood pressure balance. In fact, there were some evidences that participation in a two-year health-associated physical exercise had several significantly positive effects on blood pressure balance (Wei 1548).High Blood Pressure Essay

Participation in physical activities, as well as sports, promotes social well-being and good mental and physical health among people with hypertension. Research has revealed that ill students suffering from high blood pressure who participate in the interscholastic sports are less probably to experience frequent fluctuations of blood pressure. Physical activities and sports programs may develop in young adults such skills as teamwork, sportsmanship, self-discipline, socialization, and leadership irrespective of having high blood pressure. The lack of recreational activities, on the other hand, might make young adults vulnerable to high blood pressure (Butler et al. 57).

In conclusion, regular physical activities reduce the risk of coronary heart disease caused by hypertension. The rising incidences of high blood pressure suggest that individuals require to better comprehend lifestyle behaviors related to the development of hypertension. It is of great importance to analyse the effectiveness of regular exercising since it can control and regulate the blood pressure. In this case, it is conspicuous that persons with high blood pressure should perform enough physical exercises in order to control blood level fluctuations. High Blood Pressure Essay