Heart Rate Variability Assignment

Heart Rate Variability Assignment

Sudden stabbing pains on the right side of the chest suggest the presence of a problem in the respiratory system. Inflammations or irritations I the chest and lungs lining can result in sharp pains often occurring during breathing, coughing or sneezing (Insalaco et al., 2016). These symptoms are common among the smokers and can present devastating impacts particularly at high altitudes.

High attitudes are characterized by reduced air pressure. These regions make breathing of oxygen difficult and therefore alter the normal functioning of the vascular and respiratory systems. This situation also results to oxygen deprivation or hypoxia. Here, the oxyhemoglobin saturation decreases in the blood rapidly and the affected individual starts to lose the ability to conduct physical activities (Insalaco et al., 2016). This also increases fatigue. As such, John is instructed to avoid high altitudes and flying in non-pressurized aircraft because, these conditions reduce the ability to intake oxygen in the body yet he is losing much of it from the hole in the right lung.Heart Rate Variability Assignment


Notably, high altitudes present the risk of heart failure due to increased stress of the arteries, lungs and the heart. Flying in non-pressurized aircraft can be risky for John since they do not provide a comfortable environment for flying at high altitudes and thus, the oxygen supply can become low in the event supplemental oxygen is unavailable. This may result to breathing difficulties of the client as well as other associated risks. Cerebral edema and hemorrhaging in the lungs can also occur in the patient due to his pneumothorax condition (Radziejowski, Radziejowska & Zukow, 2019). In this case, it is not advisable for John to fly in non-pressurized aircrafts and in high altitudes since they increase the heartrate and breathing, pulse rate and blood pressure as the heart pumps harder to obtain more cellular oxygen.


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