Healthcare Insurance Essay Paper

Healthcare Insurance Essay Paper

The provision of healthcare insurance services is very crucial in the modern world. In the United States of America, several companies are dedicated towards providing the community with these services (Kiplinger report, 2007). However, different companies have their own methodologies and protocols of operation in this sector, which are allowed and governed by the prevailing law. In addition, the type of plans and costs for each plan may vary from company to company, which may be designed to meet the needs of the target customers within the community. For example, some plans and costs may target and suit employers, while other may target and be suitable for employees.

Some best examples of companies in this sector include Humana Incorporation, Aetna and the united health group company. These companies provide healthcare services to the community in various ways. For example, Aetna is a health insurance company, which specializes in range of healthcare services such as medical, dental group life, and disability plans, pharmaceutical and behavioral healthcare services (Kerber, 2010). In addition, they provide long-term insurance care services to the clients. Healthcare Insurance Essay Paper This company provides its services on more than one basis; individuals, groups and family healthcare services (Kiplinger report, 2007). The client (individual, family or group) must seek the conditions and the plans available either by visiting the website or the company offices in various American cities before applying for covers. The company then verifies the potential client before confirming and approving the client. On its part, Humana markets and administers healthcare insurance services and the provision of such serves to the public and the military. In addition, it provides healthcare insurance plans based on individuals as well as groups. The united health Group specializes in provision of health and well-being care services through nine plus business and subsidiaries that it operates.


These companies offer health support plans to their clients (Kiplinger report, 2007). For example, Aetna offers dental insurance, health expense, pharmacy, life insurance, disability insurance and behavioral and mental insurance, vision, pet and student health insurance plans (Kiplinger report, 2007). Human offers health insurance plans, coaching plans, drug coverage plans, dental and vision insurance plans. The united health group company offers healthcare insurance plans to both individuals and businesses. For example, its plans include life, dental, vision, student life, pharmacy, drugs, and employer healthcare plans. The cost of these plans varies with service type and the company.Healthcare Insurance Essay Paper

As an employee, I would go for health care insurance plan offered at Humana because they not only offer the service, but also client education on their services, terms and conditions for payments, how to pay and make claims (Kerber, 2010). In addition, they update their clients on the changes and new developments within the organization and any effect of such change on this service. It is also advisable to go for this type of service because it price is considerable and achievable with the employee salary in this nation. Apart from this, one would consider this plan because the company accepts both long-term and short term medical cover, which might be absent in other organizations.Healthcare Insurance Essay Paper

As an investor looking for a partner, I think it would be advisable to forge a partnership deal with united health group because the organization specializes in a wide range of services rather than health insurance cover alone (Kiplinger report, 2007). In addition, the organization operates through a number of plus operating businesses, unlike the other two companies, which operate through a single organization. This implies that the probability of making profits and ability to avoid loses is quite high.Healthcare Insurance Essay Paper