Health Promotion Health care Essay.

Health Promotion Health care Essay.


Health promotion refers to the procedure of providing health care services to the general public for increasing their recognition towards health education. Health promotion policy targets the prevention of health care problems in non-health attention sectors and renders different ways to eliminate them. Medical promotion techniques derive from different rules. The guidelines are: important requirements of health, quality of life, fairness in health, building healthy plans for public health care, societal health care, educating for health improvement, making better life skills and effective community activities. The main aim of healthcare sector is to provide specialized medical and curative services to the communities for living healthy life (Marmot, 1996).Health Promotion Health care Essay.


Discussion and Analysis

In Australia, there exists a large population of aboriginal people and it is a colonized country. The government of Australia has implemented various healthcare guidelines for the improvement of health of individuals. But, medical of people will not improve with the divestment of health care promotion services. The aim of the government should be focused on continuously improving the fitness of the people, it will not be influenced by the logical economic thought and health reference allocation. Using the increasing expenses in medical facilities, the general public government is curbing many health care activities which brings about increasing malnutrition problems among the list of people. This can further result in increasing the death rate in the united states and it will suffer from potential loss of men and women which make a difference the efficiency and progress of the united states (Marmot, 1996).Health Promotion Health care Essay.

The authorities should give attention to enhancing the mental and physical health of individuals. It will plan medical budget in such a way that provides maximum output with minimum expenses but shouldn’t reduce the health care facilities for folks. Administration should appoint psychologists for understanding the mental state of the individuals. It should also pay attention towards healthcare facilities for children. It should bring in special child development programs and should have child good care providers that increase immunization rates and create healthy child care and attention environment (Louise & Parker, 2008).

The resource allocation for healthcare programs should be in line with the health care requirements and also after a detailed cost benefit analysis. The government should have a strategic planning for producing such health system programs. It’s the responsibility of the federal government authorities to take care of public health and introduce ideas and policies for his or her expansion and development. There must be special health advertising ideas for the deprived or disadvantaged people.

Health campaign programs have reduced deaths due to circulatory diseases, unintentional mishaps accidental injuries, infectious diseases, and poisonings anticipated to cancers. Australia is well known for its health advertising programs and plans, so the government authorities should maintain the standards and continue such programs by preserving a balance between your costs and benefits rather than divesting from the ideas of health campaign. The programs should be well prepared and integrated to avoid health promotion failures. The health campaign program should target at healthy lifestyle with an information based wellbeing system. Federal should introduce available information health program along with family centered health promotion strategies (Louise & Parker, 2008).


Thus, the worried authorities should add health campaign programs which purpose at the equal development of all the people and provide health facilities to children, adults as well as old people. It will also target at multicultural health campaign programs to reduce social imbalances and inequalities and meet all people similarly (Magnusson, 2008).Health Promotion Health care Essay.