Health Promotion/aggregate Teaching Project Essay.

Health Promotion/aggregate Teaching Project Essay.

1. Visit Healthy People 2030 website (Links to an external site.), then click on objectives and data. Examine the leading health indicators and social determinants of health.
Based on assessment data that you gather from your town of Hamden Connecticut, select one health indicator appropriate for your aggregate that is amenable to an intervention.Health Promotion/aggregate Teaching Project Essay.


FYI: I choose Heart Disease for my health indicator and aggregate group I choose is African Americans

First page of the paper should be in APA format discussing the following: Identify your aggregate group, Describe the environmental needs, psycho-social and cultural needs of the aggregate group from an epidemiological approach. What are the incidence and prevalence rates of the aggregate group? What is the health status of the aggregate group? How do the social determinants of health affect the group’s needs?
The remaining pages of this assignment should be the teaching plan which should be a grid, instructions for grid below:Health Promotion/aggregate Teaching Project Essay.
2. Develop and Implement a teaching plan for your selected group

The teaching-learning plan will include the following elements using a column format of the material). Each column across should have the following heading: Learner outcomes, content, teaching/learning activities/strategies, time frame and evaluation plan. Fill in the information in each column.Health Promotion/aggregate Teaching Project Essay.

Develop a plan with at least three proposed interventions to assist members of the aggregate to make improvements on your chosen topic which is Heart Disease. One of the proposed interventions must be a teaching-learning strategy.

• Learner outcomes: are stated in measurable terms.
• Content: is based on projected learner outcomes.
• Teaching/Learning activities or strategies :that would be used including audiovisuals, support materials, and handouts (provide examples).Health Promotion/aggregate Teaching Project Essay.
• Time Frame: Provide the estimated time required to teach material related to each outcome (must not exceed 20 minutes total).
• Evaluation plan : Provide the evaluation method used to measure the outcomes of the teaching/learning interventions.

Health Promotion/Aggregate Teaching Project: Heart Disease among African Americans

While cardiovascular diseases are a leading cause of death across America, African Americans have been proven to be at greater risk of suffering from heart disease. According to the American Heart Association, there is a high rate of undiagnosed cardiovascular disease (CVD) among African Americans, placing the health burden disproportionately on this portion of the population (Brewer et al., 2017). As a result, the medical fraternity refers to CVD as a killer disease whose symptoms are barely noticeable. African Americans are primarily predisposed to heart disease owing to their surroundings and living conditions. The aggregate black population seldom access healthcare services as the services are often unaffordable and inaccessible (Noonan, Velasco-Mondragon, & Wagner, 2016). Their living and housing conditions are also limiting; hence they lack the capacity to steer clear lifestyle-related diseases. The Healthy People 2020 initiative attempts to improve cardiovascular health across US populations, thus boosting health quality.Health Promotion/aggregate Teaching Project Essay.

Statistics from the American Heart Association have revealed that cardiovascular disease’s prevalence ranks highest among African Americans, particularly women. Studies attribute the high population disparities to higher rates of elevated cholesterol levels, diabetes, high blood pressure, sedentary lifestyles, obesity and overweight, and lack of cardiovascular literacy among the black population (Brewer et al., 2017). The high prevalence of heart disease among African Americans thus translates into high mortality among the population segment compared to other Americans. Social determinants such as poverty, limited access to healthcare services, racism, incarceration, and violence. It is evident that African Americans are socially discriminated against and excluded, thus creating bold social health and wellness disparities. This section of the population can barely access or afford cardiovascular health services by systemic design (Ferdinand, 2016). Their coverage in policymaking is also limited, owing to underrepresentation.Health Promotion/aggregate Teaching Project Essay.

Table 1 Teaching Plan for Cardiovascular Disease among African Americans

Interventions for CVD among Blacks Learner Outcomes Content Teaching/learning activities Time frame Evaluation plan
Policy Making The learner will understand the parameters of policymaking

The learner will explore the importance of inclusivity and health coverage

Definition of public health policies

Identification of policies for heart disease prevention

Construction of physical exercise facilities within black settlements


Interactive classroom discussions

Group discussions


Question and answer session on heart disease among African Americans


18 minutes The use of questionnaires and prompts at the end of the lesson

Learner displayed a clear understanding of public health policies

Learner relayed the need for policy creation and inclusivity in the prevention of heart disease among African Americans

Community Involvement The learner will gain an understanding of the aspect of community involvement

The learner will understand the need for community involvement in the management and prevention of heart disease among African Americans

Definition of community Involvement

The need for involving the masses

The impact of community involvement among the black American community

Allocation of resources towards community involvement

Sharing of printed brochures on the importance of community involvement in heart disease prevention

PowerPoint presentations on community involvement and improved decision-making towards preventing cardiovascular disease among African Americans

Exploring audiovisual materials on heart disease among African Americans

Classroom discussions

Literature reviews on heart disease prevention

Role-play with volunteering individuals to gauge community (in this case class/audience) participation in understanding heart disease and community involvement

10 hours Organize a question and answer session on community involvement and heart disease management and prevention

Prompts on the learner’s understanding of the intervention revealed that the learner had a deep insight into the concept and the need for involving the African American community in heart disease management and prevention.

Enhanced accessibility to services The learner will understand the state of affairs on accessibility to healthcare among the Black community

The learner will understand the need to bring cardiovascular healthcare services closer to the black community

The learner will understand the means with which health services can be made more accessible and affordable to African Americans

Access to healthcare among African Americans

Affordability of healthcare services among the black community

The need for enhancing access through:

·         Allocating resources for healthcare organization within African American settlements

·         Enhancing representation of Blacks

·         Modifying the health system to accommodate more African Americans

·         Availability of insurance covers that accommodate African Americans, the majority being low-income earners

Classroom discussions on accessibility to healthcare services among the black community in the USA

PowerPoint presentations on available statistics regarding healthcare accessibility and affordability

Discussions on different factors curtailing accessibility to (cardiovascular )health services

Group discussion on ways of enhancing service accessibility


15 minutes Prompts to the learner demonstrated a clear understanding of the concept of accessibility and affordability to cardiovascular healthcare services among African Americans

The learner’s responses to the questionnaire illustrated their understanding of the need for enhanced accessibility to cardiovascular healthcare services.

Creation of Awareness through Discussion and Presentation The learner will understand the definition of cardiovascular literacy

The learner will be able to draw conclusions on the importance of cardiovascular literacy among the black community

Creation of awareness on heart disease/cardiovascular literacy

The importance of cardiovascular literacy

Means of creating awareness of heart disease among African Americans


Class discussions on cardiovascular literacy

Analysis of the levels of awareness of heart disease among African Americans

PowerPoint presentation on ways of facilitating cardiovascular literacy in the black community

12 minutes Assessment  using an awareness grid revealed that the learner understood cardiovascular literacy and its importance in the prevention and management of heart disease among African Americans