Health Perspective Essay Paper

Health Perspective Essay Paper

The medical fraternity is dependent on society’s will to accept its advancement. Playing a ‘God figure’ in the society causes scruples as it invades the personal circles of people’s social life, beliefs, and mostly, their health. Therefore, social view of the health industry is of immeasurable significance.Health Perspective Essay Paper

In psychological health medicine, development was stunted by misinformation on its founding basis. In the early 1900’s all neuroses were believed to be a result of somatic neurological damage. Thus, psychoanalysis met a lot of resistance, as even the key players in the medical field did not believe one could be cured by way of conversation only. The Godfather of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, from Vienna, in the early twentieth century brewed a lot of speculation in the society. He and his team had met a lot of resistance from the powerful people, regarding their health beliefs (Guimo%u0301n & Filc, 2001).Health Perspective Essay Paper

Morality in the society did not allow certain urges, making them taboo. Such restrained urges widely caused neuroses and thus, having a patient admit to them, could be a handful. Character and physical nature determine the rate of building trust between the patient and the psychiatrist. Attachments can also cause post treatment complications, as the patient feels closer to the analyst now.

Cultural level of a society could hinder transference in psychoanalysis, as the treatment could scare some as being psychic. As a field, it is still unpopular to most of the world’s population (Freud, 1905). This is due to the belief in tangible medicine, discrimination, and a lack of compliance to change and progress.

Health Perspectives based on Health Beliefs, Social Factors and Cultural Competence Health Perspective Essay Paper

Psychiatry as a discipline has developed due to its widely celebrated achievements that have been documented patient after patient, their identities undisclosed for legal reasons, to enable the world to realize its key milestones before criticizing it roughly. Case in point was the case of Dora, a patient he treated of hysteria (Cordess, 2001).


Traditional health studies still do not accept these ideologies as they put many health industries at risk of being obsolete. Drugs, mostly, are not required for psychoanalysis; hence they are putting the industry in turmoil. Belief in somatic rather than psychological causes of neurosis objects psychoanalysis also causes opposition to psychiatry (Cordess, 2001). The methodology of psychoanalysis is mainly conversation, and this makes patients think of it as a con, as they want a more hands-on approach involving drugs and tests. This is, however, an attraction to others as it will involve fewer risks.Health Perspective Essay Paper

Social factors, such as taboo and privacy, limit transference in the treatment process causing embarrassment and making most people be afraid of prejudice. The law stipulates confidentiality in treatment, but such cases as public lawsuits of the condition might hinder the treatment. Race, tribe or economical class also influence psychiatry as knowledge of access to such treatment can be limited or absent in certain factions of society.

Culturally conservative people are reactionaries and thus psychiatry would not be welcome. Practices that have been used for ages are hard to replace with newer methods no matter how beneficial and easy they appear to be. Making one admit to his suppressions might be offensive, as culturally they are unimaginable, since it should be realized that the mind knows no cultural boundaries.Health Perspective Essay Paper


Health, social, and cultural factors influence psychiatry as a field. Cultural factors affect psychiatry less significantly though, as its existence is caused mainly by freedom of thinking and progression from ancient methods of treatment. Health beliefs mostly advocate for other treatments different from psychoanalysis. This tremendously stunts its development. Society, on the other hand, is more reliant on proof of its functionality. Even so, morality makes patients be ashamed to face their suppressed feelings or actions.Health Perspective Essay Paper