Health Gradient Essay Example

Health Gradient Essay Example

we will be discussing the wealth/health gradient and how social policy impacts an individual and ultimately the health of communities. 1. Discuss the relationship between wealth and health; otherwise, known as the wealth/health gradient. 2. Discuss how social policy influences health. Health Gradient Essay Example.

Health is a state of being free from physical and mental illnesses while wealth is the abundance possession of valuable possessions or desirable things. Health and wealth are unrelated words that go hand in hand. In the modern world, one has to be wealthy to access quality and effective healthcare services (Maskileyson, & Lersch, 2018). A person needs to have money to give their body healthy nourishment, regular body exercise and visiting the doctor regularly for a check-up. Wealthy people have the monetary power to purchase products that support healthy living for example living in a good house with a clean environment. On the other hand, people living with a low social-economic status lead an unhealthy lifestyle due to a lack of funds to purchase healthy food and regular body exercise that the body needs to remain healthy.  Lack of funds also affects mental health. It causes stress, anxiety, and unhealthy habits.


Influences of Social Policy in Health

Social policies influence health and disease by altering social determinants for health. In the United States, social policies have estimated the health outcomes of adults through housing, neighborhood, family, and employment (Marmot, M. 2018). These policies target the low-income populations because of the great health disparity between the rich and the poor. Health Gradient Essay Example. The government launched a social policy for a tax rebate for the low income earning families. This has led to the affordability of healthcare services and reduced mortality rate in the community. Community development policies include quality housing, good neighborhood, and schools have led to improved health outcomes for patients from low-income earning families. Therefore, social policies have led to the equity of health and health-seeking behavior among the wealthy and low income earning families.


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