Health care Professionals in United Kingdom Essay.

Health care Professionals in United Kingdom Essay.


Solution the question frames is::

The healthcare system of United Kingdom is considered to be one of the highly developed healthcare systems across globe. United Kingdom provides public healthcare to all its permanent residents. Around 8.4% of GDP of United Kingdom is spent on healthcare( 2011). When it comes to healthcare, the strongest pillar of the entire system i.e the doctor needs special mention.


Doctor’s hold a very important and respectable position in entire medical fraternity, however , when it comes to the accessibility of such services by general mass doctor have to play a special role.The present report tries to explore the real accessibility of healthcare for a patient from a doctor’s angle and it also tries to find what are his views when it comes to his role in enabling service users access service and exercise individual rights.  The report is based on an in depth interview consisting nine open ended questions which were asked to a doctor.Health care Professionals in United Kingdom Essay.


When it comes to defining characteristics of a good doctor, it’s the care which they extend towards their patient takes the top rank. The main aim always focuses towards betterment of patient’s health. It’s the responsibility of a good doctor to inform his/her patients what are the health threats which they are facing and what are the options that are available for them.Health care Professionals in United Kingdom Essay. While discussing the role of doctor in society and his contribution in improving healthy living conditions, the straightforward answer was improvement of health of society as a whole and contribution that can come from doctor ranges from community healthcare improvement to partnering with government for better health care for entire nation (MadSci Network 2001)


With respect to ease of current healthcare service for patients,it’s the entire healthcare system of United Kingdom that needs to be blessed and the same time blamed. With active participation and tight control of government on the healthcare sector, free medical service for all the citizen is a reality today however on the hind sight it has led to extensive and excessive use of medical services by public resulting in long lines in public hospital.The tight control of government with respect to the medical expenses has led to lacks in medical resources such as equipment, nurses and doctors in public hospitals( 2011).Health care Professionals in United Kingdom Essay. Talking about geriatric emergency admission cases, the best care practice for acute medical care for older people are although not defined by NHS however, utmost care is taken with respect to comprehensive geriatric assessment, Ambulatory care, Rehabilitation and Intermediate care(British geriatric Society 2012)


When it comes to the role of  aDoctor in enabling patients access healthcareservices and exercise their rights, the major role emerges as change of agent with respect to making sure that the needy & poor get the right treatment & the government benefits of health care reaches to each & everyone in all the Luke & corners of the country.Health care Professionals in United Kingdom Essay.


As the Doctor is the person with whom a patient communicates most in a hospital, doctors should provide the correct information related to the facilities. In case, when better & advanced treatment is required, he should assist the vulnerable patient to the right medication center. He should also discuss with a senior doctor from other hospital, if required in critical care cases, so that the patient’s diagnosis is done correctly & with best facilities. Doctors can also let patient know about the hospitals which are specialized hospital in handling certain disease. This will help people know how to make most out of it.. In order to ensure the medical facilities are reaching to all sections of the society, doctors can try to organize a community health check-up camps.Doctors can also actively spread awareness messages in different section of society inviting them especially the geriatric and under privileged citizens to participate in regular checkup programs and he can also give a free counseling on support that is being offered to them by the government and how they can exercise their rights to obtain the healthcare service.Health care Professionals in United Kingdom Essay.


As per doctor’s perspective the thing that needs to be changed in the healthcare system of United Kingdom is the long waiting time which the people face for non –emergency services like non –emergency surgery and reduction in struggle which people go through to see GPs (BBC News 2007).With respect to views on National health Service and Community Care Act of 1990 , the act ensures that people who are in need of long term care are given the opportunity to live either in their home town with all required support or in residential setting as good as home(Care and The law 2008 ), the health and social care Act of 2008establishes that Care Quality Commission should be regular of all health and adult social care services(Care Quality Commission 2012)Both the acts are steps towards improvement of society and hence worth appreciating.Health care Professionals in United Kingdom Essay.


On the question of communicating with patients who do not know English, taking help from nurse and paramedic staff who understand the local language was the answer that came in.Health care Professionals in United Kingdom Essay.

It can be concluded from the report that Doctors view themselves as very important point of contact with patients and when it comes to vulnerable service users like geriatric ones

  • Their intervention can be very helpful in terms of educating them with their healthcare services rights which can be doneby organizing camps, awareness programs and counseling sessions. Doctors can also make patients aware of the facilities which they are entitled to and how they can avail it by exercising their rights.
  • Government policies and Free Medical services are very conducive for vulnerable service users.Health care Professionals in United Kingdom Essay.

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