Health Care Course Work Essay Sample

Health Care Course Work Essay Sample

The Evolution of Healthcare in United States in 1980

In the year 1980, the world health organization announced officially that small pox had been fought. The ambulatory surgery accounted for 18% of all hospital operations in the same year compared. The founding of Cable News Network in the same year led to the offering of the satellite TV in hospitals to educate and entertain patients. The passing of the infant Formula act by the U.S. congress was done in the same year. The in-vitro fertilization saw the first U.S. test tube baby born in 1981.In the same year, President Ronald Reagan was admitted George Washington University Hospital following an assassination attempt. Besides, personal computers were introduced and around 335000 of these and 5900local area networks were installed in the hospitals. Health Care Course Work Essay Sample. The doctors at San Franci sco and New York City also reported the first cases of HIV to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
In 1982 Jarvik heart, the first permanent but artificial heart was implanted. 46 years was found by a survey to be the median age of a CEO in a hospital and his or her median income was also found to be $70400.also experienced in the same year was hospice growth, Tylenol tampering, boom in contact management, the lifting of ban on doctors advertising, the recommendation of books for reading and the pulverizing of kidney stones. Health Care Course Work Essay Sample

1983 was a year Motorola introduced the first commercially available phone in the United States. In response to the same, an article was featured by the hospitals on the merits of a car phone for executives. In 1984, a survey revealed the CEOs top concerns as relations of medical staff, strategic planning, among others. In 1985, the enactment of the emergency medical treatment and labour act ensured that no patient who comes to the emergency room was turned away. Patients were also allowed to make the final decision concerning their own care. The chief information officer within the hospitals was on demand in the same year. There was also growth in the use of telecommunication facilties for clinical diagnosis. In 1986, there was the expansion of Health Maintenance Organizations, with a response from the hospitals. A discussion sparked in the same year on whether hospitals were to be rated. Besides, a number of community hospitals were closed. Health Care Course Work Essay Sample


In 1987, ambulatory surgery centers were increasing and causing worries to health care financing administration. In the same year, the joint commission on accreditation of Healthcare Organizations was no more for hospitals alone. Day care center across the nation were established for happy kids, happy staff. New technology in cardiovascular developments was seen in 1988. Women were also on the executive track as the Medicare catastrophic act expanded. In 1989 a live liver donor was seen. A statute on self referral by physician called stark law was enacted also. Besides, top quality issues were identified by surveys for hospital accreditation.Health Care Course Work Essay Sample

2. Effects of Cultural and Demographic factors on health care

Age affect healthcare since the life expectancy is 77.9 years from birth which is the highest ever seen. According to centers for disease control and prevention, on reaching the age of 62 years, men and women will live to 82 and 85 respectively. For the baby boomers, the 76 million of them will, between 2010 and 2030 reach the ages of 65 years. The demand for healthcare and geriatric care increases with age. As the longevity increases in people’s lives, the interest in its quality increases. This is seen in the importance accorded to preventive health care in form of the advice on exercise and diet. Gender affects the health care too. Women, besides the general health care requires reproductive health care. They also live longer than men and thus in their lifetime, they require greater access to healthcare. The different ethnic populations require different health and illnesses. Health Care Course Work Essay Sample