Health Behavior of Depressive Patients Essay

Health Behavior of Depressive Patients Essay


The principles of social cognitive theory (SCT) support the ability of individuals to change their health behavior. Theoretical constructs of SCT follow the line from the external environment of a person to the internal cognitive processes through behavioral peculiarities. According to this assumption, health behavior may be changed and even improved significantly. Health behavior of the target social group, namely, people who suffer from depression, may be changed as a result of practical application of SCT constructs. Health Behavior of Depressive Patients Essay


Health Behavior of Depressive Patients

Patients diagnosed with depression or the target population prone to it may be directly and effectively treated if the constructs of SCT are applied. Their depressed health condition is the outcome of tight and interdependent connection of personal factors, behavior, and environment that lead to confused self-control and low self-efficiency (Key Constructs, 2015). Negative impact of external environment depresses this target group to the same extent as these people affect the number of other positively disposed people and common external environment. Health Behavior of Depressive Patients Essay

Health behavior of these people should be changed through the creation of a positive environment and outside attitude towards the individuals prone to depression. If healthcare personnel or surroundings of these patients provide them with proper care, thus changing the environment, it will lead to the growth of self-efficacy (Anderson, Winett, & Wojcik, 2007). Belief and confidence in their own ability to change the depressive condition to a more healthy and positive mood turn their behavior to the opposite one. This approach is vitally important to this target group as these individuals are disposed to committing suicide or a crime and susceptible to self-destruction. Health Behavior of Depressive Patients Essay


Application of SCT constructs appears useful in recovery practice of the individuals suffering from depression. These people, whether or not they are patients, are affected by the external environment that changes their behavior and shifts cognitive processes. Therefore, the healthcare approach should be performed in the opposite way, aiming at changing the environment of these individuals in order to improve their health behavior. Health Behavior of Depressive Patients Essay