Health and Comfort Essay.

Health and Comfort Essay.


Hence, housing as a key element for the future of United Kingdom, Cardiff in particular, must sustain not only the need for housing of the populate but it must sustain the environmental requirement and the overall social condition of the people. The housing design must conform to the basic needs of people and environment. First, the housing design must help save energy in a way that it is adaptable to the changing climate without using much domestic energy. Secondly, the house should have complete means of waste minimization and disposal system. Secondly, the design should provide internal condition that promotes health and comfort.

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Thirdly, the houses should be built in a way that promote supporting neighbourhood; this may be done by providing recreational areas for family and neighbours during free time. Fourth, the houses should be accessible to key places such as terminal, school, work, church, social and health services, etc. Fifth, the design must reflect the aesthetic value and appearance of the house. Last, the house should be affordable to purchase. Overall, the local housing strategy employs various support programs that will ensure the sustainability of the housing program of Cardiff.

Health and Comfort Essay.


These support programs are the local authority improvement plan, the Private Sector renewal strategy that will facilitate the remodelling and repairs of old mass housing and single detached vacant houses, Crime and disorder strategy, which is designed to ensure the safety of the occupants, and other initiatives that further provides comfort and better quality of life. The Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy (NRS) for example intended to respond to the needs of neighbourhood through Cardiff, and assess priorities. The NRS also identifies the most deprived neighbourhoods and the most vulnerable to decline, in Cardiff for assistance.Health and Comfort Essay.

Thus in all aspect, the housing project appeared to be highly sustainable. Conclusion The historical developments of Cardiff and Wales maybe traced from the Roman era down to the Norman and finally to the twentieth and the present generation. However, it cannot be denied, based on history that past events such as the great fire of London in 1666 and the First World War had contributed significantly in these developments. It can be noticed that in the pictures in figures 1 & 2, both structures were made of concrete materials. It looks like there is woods being exposed.Health and Comfort Essay.

It can be remembered that the main reason why almost eighty person of the City of London was burned was that houses were made of woods. The single detached house in figure indicated that the structure was designed to protect it from fire. On the other hand, the Roman architecture may have some influence on the mass housing column in figure 1. Indeed most of the Roman influences are still visible in the city. The old map below, showing the port of Cardiff, and the Llandaff area where the castle built by the Normans stands, stands as monument of these influences of both the Romans and the Normans.Health and Comfort Essay.

Indeed, Britain and the city of Cardiff and Wales have a lot to be thankful to their invaders. Their early developments in science and arts, their advances military technology and economics, their wealth, and their being internationally exposed greatly and generously contributed by the Romans and the Normans have greatly shaped the British nation to become the most powerful, far reaching, and most dominant empire that the world has ever had. Though Cardiff and Wales is facing housing problems in the mean time, but with all the measures to address the problem in place, the housing shortage will be solve in the years ahead.Health and Comfort Essay.

A sustainable housing is indeed, on the process and as per target completion, by 2021, this will be completed. Figure 1 Figure 2 Many old buildings are renovated to accommodate new housing needs such as in these pictures (Marlow, p. 37 & 38). Figure 3 (Old Cardiff Map by Bartholomew) The map showing the Port of Cardiff built by the Romans, and Llandaff area, where the castle built by the Normans, stands as a monument of the Romans and the Norman influences.Health and Comfort Essay.