HCR 400 – Week 2 Discussion Assignment

HCR 400 – Week 2 Discussion Assignment

HCR 400 – Week 2

Critical Appraisal of an Intervention

Directions: Locate a study done on an intervention, then answer the questions below.


SUMMARY OF ARTICLE (in your own words! As if you were explaining the study to a friend who doesn’t understand fancy research lingo) (2 pts):


I. Are the Results Valid?
Guide Comments
Were participants randomized?
Was randomization concealed?

In other words – did participants know what group they were in (not concealed) or not (concealed)?

Were participants analyzed in the groups to which they were randomized?
Were participants in treatment and control group similar with respect to known prognostic factors?

In other words – were the participants in the treatment group/control group similar? By what characteristics?

Were participants aware of group allocation?

In other words – did participants know about the different groups?

Were clinicians aware of group allocation?
Were outcome assessors aware of group allocation?
Was follow-up complete?
II. What are the Results?
Guide Comments
How large was the treatment effect?
How precise was the treatment effect?
III. How can I apply the results?
Guide Comments
Can the findings be generalized to a population?
Were all clinically important outcomes (harms and benefits) considered?

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HCR 400 – Week 2 Discussion Assignment