HCA 420 Quality Performance Improvement In Healthcare

For the midterm, you will need to select a specialty area of healthcare such as the Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit, Surgery, Cardio, Nursing Home, etc. to complete and submit at least 7 of your slides towards your final project. The midterm submission of 7 slides will count 10% of your grade and the final submission of all 10-15 slides will count 10%. HCA 420 Quality Performance Improvement In Healthcare




The project is a Power Point Presentation and should include a title page, body of 10-15 slides, and a reference slide with 3-5 scholarly sources in APA format. Each slide should include a header with 3-5 succinct bullet points and a visual graphic.
Project Requirements (related to your chosen healthcare specialty):
1. Define QI & PI
2. Role for QI/PI professionals
3. Role of accreditations & Certifications
4. Define the stages/phases of PI method

Grading Rubric:

1. Depth of Reflection (50%)

Provide a clear, concise description of the QI/PI
Provide a clear understanding of the accreditation & certifications
Provide roles, functions, training of the QI/PI professionals
Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the Quality Performance Improvement
2. Organization of Presentation (25%): HCA 420 Quality Performance Improvement In Healthcare

Presentation given in a clear, succinct, and systematic manner
Presentation flowed well from section to section, by using appropriate transitions and headings
Presentation slides were professional, clear, and did not distract from the content
Including an effective introduction & conclusion
Informative and succinct
Defined all appropriate terms
3. Presentation Style (25%)

Assignment was written in a scholarly format
Adhered to APA Manual 6th Ed. Scholarly writing guidelines
Presentation (slides) were free of grammatical and typographical errors
Length of presentation did not exceed 20 slides, not including title page and reference slides HCA 420 Quality Performance Improvement In Healthcare