Greece health care system PowerPoint Assignment

Greece health care system PowerPoint Assignment

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation discussing Greece health care system.

16 slides. Please include the following

Country Profile: Type of Government Demographics Population with detailed explanation.


Type of health care system currently in place. History of the health care system, including changes and recent developments. How is the delivery system organized and financed?

Who is covered and how is insurance financed? What is covered?

What is the role of government? What are the key entities for health system governance?

World Health Organization rankings in major indices of health (infant mortality, life expectancy, etc.)

Strengths and weaknesses of the system. Popularity of system among citizen

APA format references, work cited must be no older than 5 years. Five (5) reputable and current sources (within 5 years) were cited on visual presentation slides. Please include turnitin report.

Greece health care system PowerPoint Assignment