Geometric image characteristics and radiation physics essay

Geometric image characteristics and radiation physics essay

 Course: basic radiology
Research title: geometric image characteristics and radiation physics
Type of radiation,physics of atom, discovery of Xrays,properties of Xrays, Production of Xrays,factor affecting image characteristics

Course: general pathology 2
Research title: osteosarcoma and exposure to radiation
Study the effect of radiation exposure as a risk factor on osteosarcoma and its mechanism

Course: oral surgery 1


Research title: should an impacted tooth be removed or not?
Objective :
-indications/contraindications for removal

Course: preclinical fixed 3
Research title: how to overcome ridge defects while planning for pontic design
– ideal features of residual ridge
– Classification of residual ridge deformities and problems associated
– Different treatment options

Course: preclinical pedodontics
Research title: sedation in pediatric dentistry
-identify the goals of sedation and different routes of administration
– identify the advantages and disadvantages of each route

Course: self management
Research title: promoting patient self management
Partnership,motivational interviewing ,usful information, make it easy, address barriers,promote patient independense

Course: oral medicine 1
Research title: management of oral candidiasis
Search the literature for the modalities of management of candidiasis

Guidelines for Scientific Research. Geometric image characteristics and radiation physics essay

A challenge to the student’s skills in Research, Creativity and Thinking.

What is meant by review article?

Its goal is for the student to deliver into a specific topic, to be trained to use information sources, and

then analyze them and get conclusion. Geometric image characteristics and radiation physics essay

How will you start ?

Item Points that to be covered in the item

Research Organization

 You must think carefully about choosing the elements that are basic principles of research

 Think carefully about the form & style in which you want to present.  Determine the points on which you want to focus  Reviewing your research idea or your point of view  Reviewing the ideas through which you will establish your point of view  Determine what information you are in need

Electronic sources  You have to choose reliable websites, books, articles, studies from magazines,  Search the most valuable and recent scientific information from the most trusted

sources ( like, Egyptian Knowledge Bank -EKB)


 Attractive title : describes the subject of the research paper clearly  Brief as possible, and non-specialists should be able to understand

 When this title is long, you must put a brief title for the paper and under this title we put a subtitle

The Start

You start with :

 dividing the information  determining their association with each other  determine what the sectors of the research paper are  write a preliminary draft for all sectors and revise them

Systematic Approach You start with :

 Compilation and organization of ideas: After gathering enough information on the subject of the research, the search items are arranged according to the order of the

main ideas

 When writing a review article , it is better – of course from a reliable source to fed it when needed with ( statistics \ graphs \ images )

Commitment to sequential steps You start with :

 Sets a plan or a temporary general structure for his research, in which you consider the logical sequential arrangement and the interconnection between its

parts. The following main parts of the review article :

 An introduction  Research problem or aim  Review of Related Literature  Conclusion  References

Method of writing

You start with :

 Start writing the research carefully and precisely as a first draft  Review your article to stand on weaknesses or flaws in it  Keep an ideal transformation between words and phrases  Each paragraph is an extension of its predecessor  The words must be clear and uncomplicated

 Use appropriate punctuation  No grammatical or spelling mistakes  Focus on removing any word unrelated to the subject  Focus on the use of strong, concise and expressive words  Do not forget to put page number

Criteria should be considered during writing your research

As you will be evaluated according to these items

Items Criteria


 Overview of the proposed research  Must be comprehensive: adequate to understand the aims & objectives of the


 Presenting and preparing the reader for your research idea

Research problem \ Aim  The meaning of defining the research problem means formulating the problem in clear, understandable and specific terms that express the content

 Questions or objectives indicating an understanding of what is/are to be achieved  Is there a statement of the problem?  Is the background information on the problem presented?  Is the aim specific : Provides clear, logical description of the objectives

Review of Related Literature  Here means reviewing previous theories and studies related to the chosen topic  You present the justification of your research, which is new that you will present

or add to knowledge

 You present the challenge the frame of reference or theory that will be adopted  In addition to the precise identification of the problem of research  The review must be comprehensive , demonstrated sound knowledge of literature

in the area and of prior work on the specific research problem

 All cited references must be relevant to the problem under investigation


 Are generalizations consistent with the findings discussed  There are suggestions for future action based on the findings  There are three sections: 1- A deductive sentence, in which it states (the main idea of the research) and that it

has been concluded: Example: From the above it can be concluded that the Internet

has enabled university students to carry out their daily study work more easily. Geometric image characteristics and radiation physics essay

2- Remember the things that helped you to reach that conclusion, in other words,

remember the sub-ideas

3- Finally, it ends with the phrase optimism or a question that remains in the

mind of the reader. It is important that you do not include new information and

facts that you did not include in your research


 Writing down the basic information sources  The research has many recent references, not less than five  Everything is attributed to its people, if there is an author, the author’s name must

be written

 References are up to date  A suitable style or format is used consistently for all references i.e. the name of

the author, the title of the book or article, the page, the publisher, the publication

data and the year of publication

 References are free of errors

Dr.Amal Abdel.rahman

Geometric image characteristics and radiation physics essay