Fundamental Skill of Nursing Essay.

Fundamental Skill of Nursing Essay.




The Joint Commission initiated Speak Up program in the year of 2002. The primary objective and purpose of this program were to provide knowledge and data regarding different medical issues to the general common people. The program is currently in work in more than 40 countries across the globe. Speak Up brochure is a sort of brochure where medical information regarding particular disease or disorder is provided through a brochure format (Party, 2013).Fundamental Skill of Nursing Essay.


Summary of Brochure

The speak up the brochure which is selected for this study regards the stroke. As we know that, heart diseases such as stroke are becoming more predominant in recent times, the importance of this particular brochure is extreme. From the brochure, important information regarding stroke can be obtained (Laver et al. 2014). At first, the brochure deals with the early signs of the heart stroke. This part provided information and symptoms, which can be pointed out as the initial symptoms of a stroke. The later part of the brochure deals with many vital aspects of strokes like, what an individual should know about. The first thing, which can be known from this brochure, is the definition of stroke.Fundamental Skill of Nursing Essay. To acquire knowledge regarding a particular disease, it is important to be clear about the particular disease. After this, the next thing, which was discussed in this brochure, was about the risk factors, which are related to strokes. After discussing the risk factors, the next thing, which was, discussed the after math of stroke. That is what are the elements or factors, which increases the risks of strokes. Adding to this, other information, this was provided. In this area, detailed information was provided regarding which factors should be emphasized more for a quick recovery (Trialists’Collaboration, 2013).Fundamental Skill of Nursing Essay.


Evaluation of the Brochure

As the brochure is on the internet, it can be said that the information is in the open source state. That is, any person who is willing to expand the knowledge sphere regarding strokes can easily access the brochure and obtain the knowledge (Kernan et al. 2014). The most important thing about this particular brochure is that it covers all the important and critical aspects regarding strokes. From the definition of stroke to the risk factors, early symptoms, outcomes of a stroke, causes and effects of the human body and recovery method all are pointed out in a brief manner. As the brochure is written in a brief manner, it is not at all time consuming to go through all the contents and details which are written inside the brochure. Another thing, which can be highlighted by this fact, is that the brochure contains some information in the question answer form. One thing which also should be considered is that the brochure contains information with respect to the current nursing health care interventions.Fundamental Skill of Nursing Essay. This is quite innovative and helpful as well. Because some times, the person who is reading this brochure can relate easily to this particular brochure. The brochure contains all the related information, which is needed to build up comprehensive and detailed vital information regarding the stroke. From the data, this is included in the brochure another important thing that can be noticed, that it mentions the emergency number 911. It is a known fact that not all people are aware of this particular disease, so if a person is affected by stroke, sometimes they do not know what to do and where to go. As a result, the treatment and medical intervention process of the entire situation become delayed. As people are informed about this particular number, they know where to call and whom to contact. This is one of the most important aspects as it reduces the time of medical intervention and, therefore, can save several lives (Jauch et al. 2013). As a result it can be said that the brochure is very helpful for obtaining a stout primary knowledge regarding stroke.


The entire aim of this study was to provide a brief knowledge regarding the summary of the brochure and after that provide a successful evaluation of the brochure. In order to pursue this task, it was very important to read all the information, which were included. From this aspect, it can be concluded that the information which has been incorporated in speak up brochure regarding stroke is of immense value. It provides a brief and comprehensive information regarding the stroke. As it is also a known fact that this sort of brochure is in more than 40 countries, it can be used as a useful tool for providing primary knowledge regarding stroke among common citizens (The Joint Commission, 2016).Fundamental Skill of Nursing Essay.