Final Report Assignment – HCI499

Final Report Assignment – HCI499

INTRODUCTION The health information systems adoption is one of the most effective methods used to

alleviate the widening health care demand and supply gap. The purpose of this report

assignment is to identify and evaluate the current health care delivery system in your

training hospital. This evaluation should lead you to propose a healthcare system or

application and explain why this health system or application should be implemented

in your selected hospital.


Your Description of the Proposed System or (Health Application) should include:

1. The organization overview

2. Proposed System or Application, Its Features and Benefits

3. Its Challenges and Successful Factors

4. Tangible Values in Terms of Money

5. Tangible Values in Terms of Clinical Improvement

6. Patient Values


You should submit as a .pdf document to the blackboard on the deadline. late submissions will not be accepted after the deadline.


• This report should indicate that you’ve fulfilled the internship objectives

• Plagiarism is strictly not accepted in any form

• Overall Word limit = 300 to 600 words

• Well Referenced

• Font size = 12

• Font style = Times New Roman

• Double- Space

Final Report Assignment – HCI499