Family Health Risks Nursing Assignment

Family Health Risks Nursing Assignment

– be sure to provide a meaningful response to at least two of your peers’ posts by the end of the week. In your responses to your peers, you might offer how you would use these tools to develop a care plan for a patient.

– also include your discussion some citations to support your statements. It is good to have opinions, but always best to have some evidence-based information to back up your points.


First peer :

In nursing, when looking at a patients family tree or hereditary purposes, the genogram is an effective tool used. With genogram, the families are graphed out to show the health problems for each individual to help determine what could possibly be genetically passed along and assist in getting a better understanding of what some risk factors for the patient may be based off of the findings. On the other hand, ecomaps are based more on the relationships that the patient has. Giving a better idea as the what their home and family/friends relationship is like. Ecomaps, although not based on genetics risk factors may still help the nurse establish some thoughts for about how the environmental factors may affect the patient’s health. Family Health Risks Nursing Assignment

Second peer:

The family genogram is a format for drawing a family tree that records information about family members and their relationships over at least three generations. A family ecomap provides information about systems outside of the immediate nuclear family that are sources of social support or that are stressors to the family.  These tools enable nurses to provide direct care, remove barriers to needed services, and assisting the family to act on their own behalf and take responsibility. Patients may have more than one risk they are facing health-wise and these tools assist in servicing our patients better with a clearer understanding of the care they may need. For example, if there is a family history of cardiovascular disease there is a variety of preventative services that can be provided to the current family member in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Family Health Risks Nursing Assignment