Family Health Assessment Essay Paper

Family Health Assessment Essay Paper

In order to conduct a family health assessment, we took a nuclear family from the area o of Miami-Dade. Mr. and Mrs. Peterson have two grown up sons who live separately and are able to support themselves financially. Mr. Peterson is 68 years old man who used to be in the navy in the past. Mrs. Peterson is a 70 years old retired high school teacher. After the retirement, they moved with his wife to the area of Miami-Dade from Marinette, Wisconsin to enjoy more sun and great weather. They both are of the second generation of Irish origin. Family Health Assessment Essay Paper

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The leader of the family is traditionally Mr. Peterson who takes care of the budgeting and organization of the spare time. This family is a self-supporting one. None of them has any existing physical or psychological conditions that would affect their family function.
They own a big house with a little subordinate area for recreation. They own two black Labradors keeping them outside. Their main and the only financial income is their pension, which allows them to travel across the world every year. Their latest travel was an ocean cruise throughout the Western coach of South America. Family Health Assessment Essay Paper


Both of the Petersons have adequately accomplished age-appropriate developmental tasks with no stress to each other and to their neighbors. The couple is in their sixth developmental family stage (Harder, 2014). All of the tasks of the previous stages of the Petersons were acomplished with courage and wisdom.

Mrs. Peterson’s mother suffered from obesity, and so she has the indicators of it. Other diseases that the Petersons suffer do not have any family history of genetic predisposition. The immunization passport of both Petersons states that they went through all of the required vaccination.

Both of their children do not experience any health problems apart from the occasional allergy for dog’s hair as Mr. Peterson. That is the reason why they keep their family lovers outside all the time. They did not have a chance to be admitted to the hospital yet, so there was no need to start the process of handling the house upon the absence of one of them. Family Health Assessment Essay Paper

The Petersons usually communicate with their children via Skype or by landline phone. They use a walky-talky between each other when one of them is outside. At the same time, they use cell phones, in case, one goes shopping or goes to the city center visiting their friends. It seems like they have found the best ways for communication between each other and with their children.
The main decision maker of the family is Mr. Peterson. However, he usually asks for the advice Mrs. Peterson, in case, they need to figure out something strategic for the future of their family. The couple seems to be very friendly and can serve as an example of adults that are able to take care of themselves. Thus, there is no evidence of violence and/or strict discipline in the present family.
As the family has gone through almost all of the developmental stages, the Petersons do not experience any problems dealing with any crisis. They go to the church every Sunday; they belong to the local Baptist community. Their behavior demonstrates that they are true Christians. Family Health Assessment Essay Paper

Based on the Peterson’s religious background, the main family goal is to provide happiness to their children living in love and respect to each other. They are at that stage of their lives that does not require any physical support yet. However, both of them are convinced that when the time comes, their sons are always ready to support them in anything they need. For the aforementioned reason, the family does not need any external support, as internal sources are fully available for them.

The family’s roles are divided according to the functions that each member can incorporate. Thus, Mr. Peterson is the main protector and supporter of the family. At the same time, Mrs. Peterson is the one who keeps the family warmth ongoing. It does not seem like the family has conflicts. The division of roles is decided very well where everybody knows what to do in order to keep their family fortress stronger with every year.

In the case of family crisis or disasters, they have their own backup plan. However, they do not wish to share some details, as they believe sharing may bring the shade of disaster or crisis. Thus, they prefer to live within the positiveness and spread it around. At the same time, as the world is full of various disasters and catastrophes, the family started worrying about the events a lot, which provoke hypertension in both of the Petersons. Family Health Assessment Essay Paper

Based on the aforementioned information about the Petersons, the three nursing diagnoses are as follows: hypertension, allergy and obesity. After the diagnoses are assessed, we can proceed to the further steps of the nursing process and develop a short plan.
None of the aforementioned diagnoses requires the hospitalization; instead, taking corresponding pills and leading a healthy way of life will keep their bodies in a stable state. The planning stage of the treatment of hypertension includes taking diuretics (“Primary Hypertension”, 2014), and trying to avoid stressful situations. The planning and implementation stage of dealing with obesity include the analysis of the lifestyle of Mrs. Peterson with an accent on the necessity of the regular exercises and diet, based on the developed nursing care plan for the client with obesity (“Nursing Care Plan,” n.d.).

In order to calm the allergy symptoms, patients should follow different housekeeping recommendations, maintain personal hygiene and avoid the contact with dogs inside the building. In the case of the high levels of allergy on the skin, the usage of corresponding pills and ointments is necessary to discuss with a doctor. Family Health Assessment Essay Paper

The evaluation stage of each of the diagnoses includes the meeting with both of the Petersons after two weeks and measuring their blood pressure, checking for allergies and weighting in order to check if there is no additional weight. The patients that are not hospitalized should be aware of the fact that it is their personal responsibility to take care of their health following all instructions. It looks like the Petersons family are very serious, and the progress can be evident within a required time. Family Health Assessment Essay Paper