Exclusive Health Tips from India’s Leading Doctors Essay.

Exclusive Health Tips from India’s Leading Doctors Essay.


You always wished there a magic pill that had the power to cure all your illnesses, you always wished you never had to visit the doctor, you wished you stayed healthy all the time. Alas! Being healthy is not as easy popping a pill is, nevertheless, good health is not completely beyond your control. On the occasion of the World Health Day, we bring to you expert answers right from the horse’s mouth, promising you complete health and fitness and a balanced lifestyle that adds up.Exclusive Health Tips from India’s Leading Doctors Essay.

Exclusive Health tips from India’s leading, most respected, and very well known specialist doctors:Dr. Panda, Vice Chairman and Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgeon, Asian Heart Institute.Exclusive Health Tips from India’s Leading Doctors Essay.



Walk your way to good health! Regular exercise helps improve immunity & gives a sense of wellbeing. Endomorphin- a mood enhancer is secreted with regular exercise. When you go up, your blood pressure goes down… so climb the stairs for a healthier heart!

Dr. Mahinder Watsa, Consultant Sexologist

Sexual health is often neglected because of embarrassment and shyness it is an very important that genital hygiene is maintained and any lack of knowledge on sexual matters particularly before marriage should be cleared it wi8ll bring more happiness. Safe sex is become essential avoid multiple partners, always use contraception. Do not hesitate to consult.

Dr. Akshay Batra, Trichologist and Deputy MD of Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic Pvt Ltd

First, a balanced diet is very important, second don’t abuse your hair by expensive colour treatments, third, if you notice hair loss or other severe hair conditions, consult a Trichologist on an urgent basis. Men must shampoo at least three times a week and women, twice a week. Don’t use soap on your hair. Oiling can be done every day.

Dr. Shridhar Archik, Orthopedic Surgeon, Shushrusha and Leelavati Hospitals

To maintain, strong and healthy bones, you must include calcium and iron and essential fatty acids in your daily dietary intake. To prevent the softening of the bones have milk and milk related products, four almonds a day, green leafy vegetables, fish, fruits that contain omega 3 fatty acids and flaxseeds. One should always remain active. Fitness gained at a young age, goes a long way in preventing oneself from age related diseases later on in life.Exclusive Health Tips from India’s Leading Doctors Essay.

Dr. Anjali Mukerjee, M.D. (A.M) Nutritionist, Researcher, Columnist, Author and Founder, Director – Health Total

Staying healthy is a journey, not a destination. Looking young and beautiful begins with good health and can be achieved by minor corrections in our eating and living habits. A daily glass of raw vegetable juice like carrot, amla, mixed vegetables is rich in anti-oxidants, enzymes and removes toxins, and digests food better. Control stress as it suppresses the immune system and our mind which is the biggest contributor to diseases.Exclusive Health Tips from India’s Leading Doctors Essay.