Example Of Nursing Philosophy Essay

Example Of Nursing Philosophy Essay

What is your worldview of nursing?

Nursing continues to evolve because of new developments in the world of technology. The nursing profession undergoes real revolution because there is rapid development in all the aspects. The increase in globalization has really influenced the health care industry and nursing profession forms the backbone of health care (Buttz & Rich, 2011). Nurses have a bigger role to play in the health of nations.
What assumptions inform your philosophical lens?

There are major assumptions that inform the philosophical lens in nursing. The underlying assumptions include the independence of the patient and the nurse. Some philosophies in nursing include serving the needs of individual and the society. Provision of these services happen through holistic philosophy of care that God created human beings in his own image. Another philosophy of nursing is that nursing is both an art and a science that has the ability of responding to human condition. The interaction between the nurse and patient focuses on the whole person. Nurses need continuous professional development. According to Benne`s theory of professional growth, investing the intellectual empowerment of nurses allow them to have the necessary skills to advance their practice of nursing. The nurse and the patient do not like dependence (Rodgers, 2005). The client independence should ensure the attainment of goals. The patients feel that the choice of having independence of their health. Example Of Nursing Philosophy Essay


The society has the responsibility of ensuring health. Nurses should have the ability to work with the social justice. The society should provide a health environment by ensuring it is clean. The society should provide shelter, food and clothing to its members to ensure they remain healthy. The society should provide opportunities for people to learn on the best practices. A society that learns ensures that they use preventative medicine rather than curative medicine. Nurses should work in various social issues that have an impact on the health of the people (Daly et al., 2009). People desire health or to have a peaceful death and individuals work to ensure they achieve this. Another assumption is that individuals will do activities that lead to their health if they have the capacity, knowledge and will. Individuals by nature have the ability to care for their health but due to different pressures, they compromise their health. The nurse has the role of assisting individuals in the society to achieve wellbeing. The skills that the nurse imparts on the individual help them achieve a healthy lifestyle. The goals of the nurse and the individual are congruent. All the activities of the nurse are meaningful if the individual complies with the guidelines of health.
How can the world be informed about nursing philosophy?

Informing the world about nursing philosophy is an important thing. It can happen through research, education and policy formulation. Education forms a foundation that nursing philosophy rests on (Cody, 2013). Empowering nurses through education and equipping them with enough resources allow them to have power. Empowered nurses can practice the nursing profession effectively. Sufficient equipment will allow the research process to happen without bottlenecks.
What philosophies have influenced nursing and how?

Various philosophies of nursing have influenced the nursing field. Florence Nightingale was a nursing theorist whose work influenced the nursing field. She developed advocacy by promoting leadership activities and egalitarian human rights. Her works are still relevant to date. Her religious convictions and profound vision about nursing is still felt. Florence Nightingale utilized available opportunities, motivation, intellect and her strength to create what nursing still follows up to date (Basford & Slevin, 2003). Advocacy was one of the tools that Nightingale used to promote egalitarian human rights. Today, advocacy still functions as an important tool and it is still relevant as it was in the 19th century. Advocacy still happens through leadership and promotion of egalitarian human rights (Masters, 2014). Nightingale demonstrated her leadership abilities by establishing the nursing school. Nursing education allowed families to care for their health and the health of the society. Although nursing has continued to evolve, the principles of care remain the same. The practice of nursing is not limited by spiritual beliefs, gender and values. Nurses should have the ability to develop to their full potential. Example Of Nursing Philosophy Essay

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