Epidemiology Project Poster Paper

Epidemiology Project Poster Paper

This assignment is related or goes with the Epidemiology Project Paper: Proposal for Change that I have already pending.
I will attach the rubric.
For my epidemiological study, I would like to focus on Hypertension with an age category of 65-85 on how to prevent heart disease related to hypertension.

Epidemiology Project (paper and poster)

Proposal for Change

Investigate and identify a problem or issue in your community or county.  Research the factors that contribute to this issue (determinants) and interventions that have proven effective in addressing this issue.  Talk to key stakeholders in your community about what is currently being done to target the problem, resources that are available, issues or areas for improvement they have identified.

Identify gaps or areas of improvement and design ONE intervention that addresses or fills a gap. Epidemiology Project Poster Paper.  Prepare a 3 – 5 page EXECUTIVE summary for a person or group that may have the power to implement your intervention (for example, legislators, health department directors, school principals). The executive summary should cover the following

  • Data showing there is a problem in the identified community
  • Determinants or factors that impact the issue (literature supported)
  • Input from key stakeholders (you must interview people who are concerned about the issue)
  • Brief description of intervention and rationale (literature supported)
  • How to evaluate

Be convincing and creative.


Include at least 2 references for each section that asks for literature support.  These should be professional references with at least one original research study.  Data support for the problem must also be referenced.

Grading Criteria for Proposal for Change


Possible Points Student Points
Problem identification with data support


Determinants of the issue with literature support


Stakeholder input (based on real conversation) 20  
Intervention with literature support


Evaluation (process & outcome) 10  
APA (references) writing and presentation style and paper not over 5 pages 10  


In addition to your paper you will prepare a poster presentation using the information and format of your paper. The poster should be professional and appropriate for scientific presentation.  Epidemiology Project Poster Paper.

Prepare a virtual poster presentation using the information and format from your paper. The poster should be professional and appropriate for a scientific presentation.  Review the Epidemiology Project (Paper and Poster) Proposal for Change & Rubric for details in completing the Poster.

View the following resources for creating a virtual poster (if needed):

  • How to create a better research poster in less time.  (Links to an external site.)
  • Creating Your Virtual Poster (Links to an external site.)
  • Free Research Poster PowerPoint Templates (Links to an external site.) (old design): Use this to get an idea of how things have traditionally been set up.
  • Better Scientific Poster (Links to an external site.) (preferred new design)
  • Creating Effective Poster Presentations-An Effective Poster (Links to an external site.) Epidemiology Project Poster Paper.

Your poster sections should include the following:

  • Title, author, affiliation.
  • Problem identification with data support (can be graphs, SIMPLE charts, or another with citations).
  • Determinants of health related to the issue with literature support.
  • Stakeholder input (based on real conversations): Identify the position, not necessarily the individual.
  • Evaluation: Describe your plan for evaluation of your implementation. Include both process and outcome evaluations.
  • References in APA format. Epidemiology Project Poster Paper.