Epidemiology and Statistic Essay.

Epidemiology and Statistic Essay.


1.       Introduction

The epidemiology has been mainly for the preventive medicine and for handling the operational occurrences of the disease. This is mainly to handle the relationship between the exposures and the illness. The statistical forms are for the bringing of the rigorous forms of the epidemiology with the recognition of the statistics that are set with respect to the different forms of the statistical methods. There is an aid and improvement of the interpretation based on the observations. The theme is mainly for the clinicians and the researchers who are able to refresh and update the skills depending upon the epidemiology and the statistics. This is based on the working standards as well as handling the different forms of the modules with the proper sessions.Epidemiology and Statistic Essay.



2.       Discussion

The discussion has been mainly about the disease occurrence and the measures which are mainly related to the exposures and the diseases. This is also able to describe about the population health status and the demonstration to understand the statistical inference that leads to the significance for the different variable types. The forms are set with the ability to approach and reduce the negative impact on the public health. Through this, there is an establishment of the statistical analysis of the complex data as well. The data is based on the analysis of the study that is conducted for the 7500 pregnant women who have been enrolled with the information that is collected mainly based on the risks factors of the depression and the anxiety. The factors are also correlated with the pregnant women where the attributes are set with 19% of the family history of the depression and anxiety. The proportion is set for the pregnant women who have been attributable for handling the different types of the problem in the family history. The work is in SPSS where the data is based on the planned cohort study along with minimising the measurement errors or the outcome factors of the depression. Along with this, there is a generation of the plot box which are mainly to display the different forms of the urinary arsenic concentration processes in the groups. The outliers are generally descriptive with the setup that includes the hypothesis related to the urinary arsenic concentration.Epidemiology and Statistic Essay.

  1. Box plot:

There are outlines, which can be seen as points above the box plot. They can be dealt with by making more categories for the box plot.Epidemiology and Statistic Essay.

  1. Descriptive Statistics:
  2. Research Question:

Study of effect of Placebo based on controlled group.

  1. The null hypothesis is that the placebo has not effect on the patients. The alternative hypothesis is that the placebo works by therapeutic nursing technique.
  2. The statistical test of number of patients cured can be conducted to test the hypothesis.Epidemiology and Statistic Essay.
  3. Output:

The statistics show that the assumption of the hypothesis is correct, and placebo has effect on the patients.

  1. We have assumed that the data collected is correct, and there is no mismatch in data.Epidemiology and Statistic Essay.



3.       Conclusion

The assumptions are based on the statistical testing with the factors that relate to the PICO format as well. Here, the investigation is also made for the following up of the urinary arsenic concentration which has been exposed to the population in Bangladesh with 300microg/L. With this, there is analysis of the results as well as handling of the different forms of the statistics which relate to the problems of the asthma as well. The objectives are set with the elimination of the hazards in the population at large. With this, the surveillance is described with the occurrence of the illness and to provide the early warning of the signals that are unrecognized with the occupational standards.Epidemiology and Statistic Essay.