ENT 435 a Culture of Innovation Essay

ENT 435 a Culture of Innovation Essay

This is the introduction that I already submitted and the 3 sources already submitted that you will develop. introduction The integration of EHT ( Electronic Healthcare technology) has been slow in the United States. Although the government has praised the share of information to authorized users, such as pharmacy and hospitals. If EHT were implemented uniformly across, patients would have prompt care, and providers will spend less time on paperwork and more time at Patient’s care. Some providers are lagging in this area because of the cost, regulations, changing policies, and fear of data hacking impede the progress of such a wonder to improve the health of our population. References: 1Clements, Michael.Journal Record; Oklahoma City, Okla. [Oklahoma City, Okla]26 Feb 2016. Dinh, Angela K, MHA, RHIA, CHPS.Journal of AHIMA; Chicago Vol. 82, Iss. 1, (Jan 2011): 38-9 Goldstein, Melissa M.American Journal of Public Health; Washington Vol. 104, Iss. 5, ((2014) Please answer these questions while writing the paper. The book I am using is the Basic U.S. healthcare system. by Niles. ENT 435 a Culture of Innovation Essay The instructions RESEARCH ASSESSMENT ASSIGNMENT: PowerPoint Presentation. This assignment you will choose any medical topic that we will be going over during the class. You will then construct a powerpoint presentation. The Presentation needs to be in APA format below are the requirements for the Research Assessment. • Students will choose a Topic in Healthcare that we will be going over during this class. • Students will clearly state the issue and give historical background on the topic. • How does your topic relate to the Affordable Care Act? How? Does your topic reflect Managed Care o r Health Insurance? How? • How does the Medical Workforce impact your topic? • Discuss cost and your topic . • How does the Government play a role in your topic? • What is the Public Health’s Role in your topic? • Discuss Information Technology and your topic. • Discuss Ethical issues and Legal Issues in Healthcare and your topic. • What is the future of your topic? • List at least 3 references from scholarly sources. “Wikipedia” does not count as a scholarly source. There are three parts to the Research Assessment: • Part 1 Due Week 2: List your topic and explain it in one paragraph. List three scholarly sources that you will be using in APA format. I will let you know after I grade part 1 in the comment section if your topic and references are accepted. (5% of your grade) • Part 2 Due Week 8: Students will submit a rough draft. Students will receive comments on what needs to be improved in the grade book and also will see their percentage in Turnitin. Turnitin percentages should be less than 30%. (This grade will not count) • Part 3: Due Week 10: Students will submit the final draft of the project.( 20% of your grade) • Students will submit their powerpoint to the week 14 discussion forum so their classmates can review the research assessment. CREDIT HOUR ASSIGNMENT POLICY Course work performed outside of the classroom (such as reading, studying, writing papers, doing projects or receiving tutoring) is critical to academic success. While the time requirements for individual students may vary somewhat, a general rule of thumb is that students should spend two hours outside the classroom for every hour required in it. For more information about this policy, review the full credit hour assignment policy in the Berkeley College Undergraduate Catalog. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY Berkeley College is committed to providing an educational experience designed to develop professional competencies, including habits of personal and professional integrity. The College expects all members of its community ENT 435 a Culture of Innovation Essay


Having a culture of innovation is very important to any organization since it encourages reasonable uncertainty and risk in a bid to seek larger and more profitable services and products. An innovative culture is one that understands the need to generate and develop new ideas through interactive discovery processes that are accompanied by failures and intrinsic reward systems. There are three conditions that should be implemented to create a culture of innovation and change. The first condition is recognizing and rewarding innovation and change so that personnel are motivated to be innovative in their practices as they seek recognition for their input, higher rewards and enhance their promotion prospects. This requires that the behavior and results being rewarded be clearly identified and made public. In addition, it should distinguish between contribution and participation (Edmondson, 2019). The second condition is recruiting personnel who will introduce new perspectives and skills to help the organization to accept change as they are not restricted by a traditional outlook on the work tasks. This helps in attracting the best talent who are able to advance the organization’s agenda and offer the best value, tailoring their efforts to meet the organization’s needs. The third condition is retraining personnel to be more accepting of change so that they accept it as part of their routine work. Retraining to target innovation and change helps in making the personnel more aware of their creative potential, learning how to override their inner censure so that imaginative ideas are not stifled (Edmondson, 2019). In this respect, rewards, recruitment and retraining are three conditions that should be implemented to create a culture of innovation and change in the organization.


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