Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay..

Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay..


I have been a consultant / assistant for 14 years at LH Foundation Inc. I have worked as an expert on drugs and alcohol and have helped individuals and families recover from these problems. Support staff are the supervisors of employees. Most of the people who choose their job have a passion for helping others. I’m one of them because I’ve always loved helping people. It starts with a little knowledge of the basics of caring for a friend’s dog. My friend went to his Grandma’s house and I took care of the dog. I washed and flogged the dog, then gave him food.Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care.Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay.


When sleeping deeply, I feel that giving and taking care of  is making my mind more happy than it should be. It was at that age that I decided to choose a social worker job. And it was the best decision. I know you can make a big contribution to other people’s lives. Especially when you need support and companionship. People using homeless services, some with a history of homelessness and some receiving medical care. The basic needs of service providers involves integrity and a great level of trust. (Sfantou, 2017)Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care.Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay.

After a referral from a dietitian, the initial need assessment includes a variety of needs, such as regular examination and good well-being. Students may smoke or have problems with drugs or alcohol and these problems will be covered in the process. Social workers or school staff will investigate whether this is a risk factor for developing a mental illness. Users of services with risks, such as depression, may be excluded if the operator is in a testing facility. Examples of supporting actors:Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care.Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay.

Arnica was 18 years old after separating from her Portuguese parents. Arnica’s father lives in the West Midlands and her mother lives in California. Arnica stayed with her parents for some time before deciding to stay with her father only. On school holidays, Arnica lives with her mother. Arnica was beaten by her father at the age of ten. She was beaten with a belt and a knife, as Arnica was later treated by the police and the police involved other relations. His friend in Wales was his best friend, but he did not meet her regularly. He has other friends. But he forgave them their sins. I have tried to understand, help and support these examples. This is just a matter of loving and respecting others.Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care.Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay.

Requests for any project are always clarified more clearly and any further informal discussions are welcome. Child care assistance upon arrival at the facility includes a contract to provide on-the-job assistance. (Alkema, McDonald & Murray, 2016) Everyone has problems and you have to be patient to solve them. They all confront their families from time to time and have to be fearful, righteous, affectionate, and just take them with them. If the guys are working, pay part of the service after the trial. Explore education for the needs of people of all ages. When an individual needs general treatment, we separate from it and focus on it. (Vázquez-Calatayud, 2017) Individuals, relationships and well-being are also taken into consideration, and a person’s ability to spend is also taken into consideration. Without a work-life balance, many young people become homeless, at risk of abuse and / or poor health.Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay.

The key to this distraction is to tune in or out over and over. Create relationships especially relationships between employees and service users who need fluency and are not fluent in multiple languages. (Whitehead, Cropley, Huntley, Myles, Quayle & Knowles, 2016) One of the ways people listen and ask questions is to encourage program users to clarify their ideas and avoid expressions, thinking and behavior. The importance of youth participation in engaging with people is to build confidence and develop strategies for change. It is also important to obtain consent when interacting with youth to encourage dialogue. I left all personal feelings out of the workplace in order to gain intelligence and dominate the area.Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay.

Part II

The main purpose of a support worker is to use your knowledge and skills to report occupational health problems and issues. We also apply leadership and team models in the governance process. We can guarantee quality and safety management in the specialized clinic.Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay.

In my experience, self-care should have these characteristics.

  • Personal care
  • Knowledge of experience or self-care
  • Available and flexible
  • Listen and communicate
  •   Responsible and flexible
  • Sensitive and remorseful
  • Good plans

Through my experience in self-care, I have found that I have to give up my personal needs to get rid of the needs of others. It requires a lot of flexibility in many areas.

The caregiver’s approaches must be constantly updated to achieve the necessary performance in the individual’s life. If you want to do supervisory work, be patient. I think I need to work on best practices in my field.Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay.

Leading People And Processes To Improve People’s and Systems

First practice demonstrates the importance of culture for quality of care in the clinic. Explain the differences between leaders and behaviors that change quality of care and prognosis. The educators stated that culture is the key to integration and healthcare (Sfantou et al., 2017). On the one hand, my leadership has undergone major changes and improvements, as I have learned from my leaders and professionals. Other false teachings highlight the many challenges common in nursing homes and child care providers and how they can recognize a responsible and thoughtful leader (Carragher and Gormley, 2017).Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay..

Every leader needs the support of others, which causes them to continue working and overcome the fears and frustrations they face. This was my main stream to work on, I needed to work a lot to have such quality. In addition, leaders sometimes feel isolated. Others need to hear their own thoughts and want to hear others think of them. Leaders effectively, share frustration, and improve relationships with clients to manage the piles of information presented in Responsible Leadership. You can create regular opportunities for yourself and others or for the group to discuss leadership. This method is risk-free and non-invasive. However, sometimes a small group of drivers can help.Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay..

Here are some tips for the group leaders.

  • Start a meeting with everyone who has the opportunity to talk about what works. It starts with a good sound.
  • Give them time to talk about their leadership without pressure and without direction. This should take about 5-10 minutes. (This gives people the opportunity to follow their thoughts from start to finish.)Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay..

Transform Processes to Improve Quality, Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care.

During my work, I encountered a situation where it was important to change and also change the maintenance process and deal with it for improvement and cost. The first point is an in-depth focus on the concept of support worker and its implications for holistic care (Vázquez-Calatayud et al., 2017). The second point refers to a caregiver’s life, knowledge and understanding of the power structure. They argue that while this improvement period is essential to improving patient and process outcomes, it is also important for organizations to have support for elder care in decision-making (Van Bogaert et al., 2016).Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay..

Efforts to improve performance are “even if improvement (1) changes the beginning of thought to the desired, (2) the negative impact of another part of the system, and the process returns to normal.” The key to improving performance is the belief that performance demonstrates performance and that comparisons between service providers and organizations will promote better performance. Over the years, there have been both quantitative and widespread measures of the effectiveness of treatments and procedures. The overall performance reports can be used to identify areas that need improvement and to define standards at the national, state, or other levels, but some service providers can access them. A high percentage of sample data is reported. Clients have difficulty interpreting the information in the report, and as a result, they do not use this information to determine feelings of loneliness.Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay..

In my case the most challenging part to overcome is developing a health improvement project,. Each community must take into account its own circumstances, including issues such as health, capital and capacity, nature needs, relationships, politics and campaigns. The board of directors cannot decide what to do to address health issues or who should be responsible, but the community and its members must address these issues and the way to improve health through the use of educational evaluation tools.Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay..

Integrate Professional Standards and Values into Practice.

The first discovery demonstrating that traits related to these professional standards explains the effect of the professional and clinical models used by care workers for treatment. Defines the role of healthcare standards to support workers and clinicians (McGinnis et al., 2016). By supporting leadership practices, professional development practices and health planning (Bender, 2016). Understanding and integrating effective aging processes has resulted in better and more efficient decision-making and improved patient care.Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay..

Community health workers (CHW) can improve outcomes for the homeless. There is evidence that CHW programs for the underprivileged improve health, disease prevention and health support. Community workers see better spending, better management of diseases such as asthma, diabetes and maternal health, improved health, nutritional supplements such as vaccinations and cancer screenings. Based on this evidence, interest in the new CHW model has increased. Delivery systems improve access to healthcare, improve integration, address the quality and cost of increasing migration, and more. The weak and separates the weak. The CHW model provides the opportunity to achieve these goals. Hence, a support worker should be able to be  professional and also empathetic. Managing this balance is an art and I strongly believe I have a lack of it.Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay..

Relationships have a huge impact on the quality and care of patients, because we take responsibility for each other’s health and well-being, working with another nurse is important. These ideas are developed as I practice and improve my service skills. This discusses the differences between clinicians, including partnerships. It highlights the impact of this collaboration on patient and patient health. (Souza et al., 2016).Enhance Patient Safety, and Reduce the Cost of Care Essay..