Emory Healthcare Atlanta Hospitals

Emory Healthcare Atlanta Hospitals

Emory healthcare is one of the integrated academic systems of healthcare that is committed to offering quality care to patients, offer professional health education to medical students and future leaders. The institution also pursues research discovery in various fields related to public health including population-based research, basic health, clinical health and diseases. It is a clinical enterprise of Robert Woodruff Health Sciences Center of Emory University. The healthcare hospital center is committed to the uniting mission and strategic direction as core values. It is one of the best medical organizations in the country that offer best services to various patients suffering from different diseases (“U.S. News & World Report”, 2011t).Emory Healthcare Atlanta Hospitals


The mission of Emory healthcare center is to serve human beings by upgrading and improving health studies through the assistance of integration in education, healthcare and discovery. The mission of the institution can also be referred to as the core purpose or a driving gear that facilities employees and young professionals studying in various medical fields. The major purpose (mission) of the healthcare is to provide comprehensive, high quality, team based families and patients centered healthcare to the community.


Core values

Emory healthcare center is found on three main co-values that enable the management and the employees to fulfill the mission of the organization. The core values are excellence, integrity and caring ( “About Emory Healthcare”, 2011). The three core values act as a guideline for daily behavior of the student and medical staff in the hospital. The first core value that presents the guidelines of behavior in Emory healthcare hospital is excellence. The hospital is committed to ensuring continuous improvement in all activities to be able to set an example to other medical institutions. It is derived from the research conducted by doctors, nurses and students to guarantee that excellence is acquired.Emory Healthcare Atlanta Hospitals Care is the second core value that acts as an important tool towards achieving the mission of the hospital. The hospital staff demonstrates compassion and concern to the patients and their families. They treat all with dignity paying concentration to the requirement of mind, spirit and body. Integrity is the third core value that plays an important role towards the achievement of the mission of the organization. It applies where the medical staff practices best ethical standards and ensures that they honor their commitments. They take individual responsibilities for their actions, as well as demonstrating respect for the patients, other service providers, other staff and families. As a team, the stakeholders of Emory healthcare hospital stewards the hospital resources in a wise way so as to accomplish the mission of the hospital. The mission statement defines the measures that the hospital has put in place to be able to meet the needs of the patients.


The vision of Emory healthcare hospital is to be recognized as the top academic health system, and be differentiated through innovations, discovery and compassionate attitude to patients and their families because of handling them with care. The vision statement of the hospital offers a long-term definition of the main objectives of the hospital. The vision statement is meant to inspire the general staff of the hospital together with the patients. Emory hospital vision statement outlines what the hospital intends to accomplish and what the hospital would admire to be recognized for in the time to come. The founders of the hospital came up with a brief vision statement to make sure that it entails methods through which the hospital will accomplish the goal. However, the administrators and the employees understand the vision statement and are able to communicate in an easy way within them.Emory Healthcare Atlanta Hospitals


Offering services in the medical field is a competitive area. Therefore, all medical service providers struggle to lead in services provision. The Emory healthcare hospital has managed to comply with the competition through expressing their ability in the vision statement.

Multiple goals

The vision statement of the Emory hospital encompasses a number of goals. They include being the best medical academic system, and the institution of innovation, discovery and compassionate attitude to patients and families. The vision statement puts emphasis on becoming the best together with other efficient services (“Emory University Hospital”, 2011). The vision statement ensures that the hospital is recognized and attracts the attention of audience.Emory Healthcare Atlanta Hospitals

Usefulness for Strategic Planning and Plan Development

The mission and vision statement of Emory healthcare hospital are important tools that were used by the founders as useful strategies of attracting clients through creating awareness and portraying the institution as the best. The two statements portray the commitment of the management together with the medical staff towards offering the best medical services in the region.  Considering that the hospital attends to many patients daily, it is evident that the mission and vision statements have been able to spread the ability of the hospital to attend to many patients with care. The two statements enable different people to acquire the interest of trying the services of the hospital. These statements have enticed many patients and due to the commitment of the employees they have served as an effective strategy of attracting many clients. They are an important strategy that can be used to reach many people and inform them on the ability of the hospital without necessarily paying for advertisement (“Emory Healthcare”, 2011). Nevertheless, as seen in the Emory healthcare hospital, it is crucial for various organizations to put into practice what is stated in the mission and vision statements to enable the two statements work as an effective strategy towards success.Emory Healthcare Atlanta Hospitals