Effective Decision Making Essay.

Effective Decision Making Essay.


Decision-making is a constant process for those in leadership roles. An effective leader must be able to understand the daily problems that arise and present solutions beneficial to the organization, employees, and associated community or stakeholders. In a health care organization, this includes patients and their families. In a 1,000-1,250-word paper, discuss the aspects that help leaders make effective and ethical decisions in health care.Effective Decision Making Essay.


Discuss the importance of sound decision making in health care. Describe the potential consequences of poor or uniformed decision making as a leader.
Define evidence-based decision making. Explain how this is applied in health care and why it is important.
Explain what the term data driven decision making Discuss what types of data are used for making decisions in health care and why it is important for a leader to use data when making a decision.
Discuss how regulatory or organizational guidelines help shape how leaders make decision in health care.Effective Decision Making Essay.
Describe the role of ethics in decision making. Explain steps a leader can take to promote ethical decision making. How can a leader address ethical conflicts that arise during the decision-making process?
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Leadership comprises of having a command over a group of people. Having followers demands that a leader possesses vital skills, especially when it comes to effective decision making. The emerging situations in a given organization demands an effective way of decision making to ensure that there exist viable solutions to the underlying challenges. Nevertheless, leaders must posses the right skills in order to make decisions that are of value to the organization and its entire stakeholders (Kerfoot,2011). For a healthcare organization, leadership is central to all the operations within a given facility, and its effectiveness determines the success or failure of the organization in delivering quality services and care, as well as the overall management for the organization. This paper will focus on the effective leadership and its effect onthe decision-making process in a healthcare setting.Effective Decision Making Essay.

The Importance of Sound Decision Making in Health Care and The Potential Consequences of Poor or Uniformed Decision Making as A Leader

In a healthcare organization, the dynamics brought in by the patient demands, as well as the delivery of services from the organization end, requires a constant process that can be able to identify the most viable solution for the different situations as presented by the circumstances. As such, most healthcare related decisions are made under the conditions of uncertainty, thereby requiring the leadership to be able to make sound decisions that result in the maximum benefit. By making important decisions in the course of the operation, leaders create influence as the decision’s effects are felt across the board. As patient care becomes complex, leaders are faced with challenges of coming up with sound decisions in order to realize positive outcomes.Effective Decision Making Essay.

Nevertheless, there are several potential negative consequences that may emerge from poor or uninformed decision making in regard to organization leaders. First is lack of coordination, especially involving the execution of functions by specific departments or groups. Leaders offer direction on which things get done. With poor decisions, the coordination may lack and this may translate to delay and added costs which may result in poor patient care delivery. On the other hand, poor or uniformed decision making may lead to negative attitudes and disagreements, either on the employee side, as well as the patients. For a leader, one should make shared decisions which incorporate views and components that are agreeable with the existing healthcare plans (Légaré& Witteman,2013). As such, the patients and the employees involved are more likely to follow through and this betters the service delivery, as well as makes the operations easier to manage.Effective Decision Making Essay.

Evidence-Based Decision Making and Its Importance and Application in Health Care

Healthcare organizations are complex when it comes to leadership and therefore, they require evidence-based decision making to overcome these complexities. Evidence-based decision making entails a combination of critical thinking with the best available evidence in order to realize desirable outcomes. As such, evidence-based decision making utilizes the available information to make an informed choice of the best available option (Carman et al., 2016). Furthermore, evidence-based decision making helps in identifying risks that are associated with specific choices and prepares beforehand on how to handle them in case they emerge during the implementation process. This assists much in the realization of the decision goals thus bettering the service delivery, especially when it comes to the patient comprehensive care.Effective Decision Making Essay.

The application of evidence-based decision making within the healthcare is not a new phenomenon and its associated benefits makes it one of the widely used approach when it comes to decision making within many healthcare organizations (Greaves, 2017). Nevertheless, the application of evidence-based decision making has been hailed within the healthcare organizations as it incorporates the health policy, clinical expertise, patient management and care, organization and patient values, and any other available evidence that might be crucial in the overall process of arriving to the best choice of action(Carman et al., 2016). Its wide coverage of these crucialcomponents in the process of decision making makes the evidence-based decision-making approach an important aspect in the management and leadership of the healthcare organizations.Effective Decision Making Essay.

Data Driven Decision Making and Its Importance in Making A Decision

Data forms an integral component in the influence of the decisions being made. In this regard, leaders must be aware of the available data, as well as the best methodology to interpret it for the incorporation in the decision-making process. When the decision-making processutilizes objective information drawn from actual data to improve decisions, that process is widely referred to as data-driven decision making.The data provides room for aligning decisions with the established benchmarks, goals and baseline, thus aligning decisions with the organizational policies, as well as the industry standards as per the requirements. The common types of data used in health care decision making include; health surveys, medical records, administrative data, and general consumption patterns.Effective Decision Making Essay.

On the other hand, leaders are always encouraged to utilize the available data when making their decisions. Data acts as an important indicator for the various organizational components and thus, it can predict the best actions in regard to certain issues. Leaders who utilize the data are able to spot new business opportunities, identify gaps that may need improvement, establish patient preference, predict future trends, heightenthe current operational efforts, and produce actionable insights within their healthcare organization, all in the efforts of enhancing health outcomes (Rios-Zertuche et al., 2020). However, the source of data being relied upon must be credible to ensure its authenticity and as well, there should exist data analysis methodologies that produce results that can be easily incorporated when making decisions.Effective Decision Making Essay.


The Regulators or Organizational Guidelines and How They Help Shape Leaders’ Decisions in Health Care

Healthcare decisions are influenced in a way by the existing organizations policy and guidelines as well as regulatory bodies. As such, leaders must be aware of the guidelines and regulatory requirements to ensure that their decisions comply with such provisions. Organizations such as The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) oversees regulations across the healthcare sector and as such, it stipulates regulations that must be met by entities, as well as professionals within the healthcare sector. Leaders should align decisions based on the regulatory and organizational policies to ensure that there emerges no conflict or compliance issues that might derail the whole process, or even subject the organization to legal implications which might bring along with it costs and inconveniences that can be remedied by compliance right from the onset(Kerfoot, 2011).Effective Decision Making Essay. Regulations are vital and leaders must understand that they are an important component that guarantees safe and competent practice. Healthcare is a complex sector and its management calls for credible and competent leadership that places the patient health, well-being at the front, thus calling for a leader to comply with both the industry regulations as well as organization policies.Effective Decision Making Essay.

The Role of Ethics in Decision Making, Ethical Decision-Making Process and How A Leader Can Address Ethical Conflicts That Arise During the Decision-Making Process

Ethics are moral values and principles that dictate a person’s behavior. Ethics thus becomes an integral part in the decision-making process, especially where leadership is called for. When it comes to ethical decision making, the process entails selecting among alternatives in a manner consistent with ethical principles (Hemberg& Hemberg, 2020). For a leader to promote ethical decision making, they lead by example and as such, they hold the responsibility to inspire, guide and nurture their employees. Upholding the moral values philosophy, as well as being transparent withinthe decision-making process is vital as it indicates the kind of a leader one is.Effective Decision Making Essay. Moreover, decision making process may be coupled with conflict and as a leader, one should develop strategies aimed at resolving these ethical conflicts. Some of the tactics that leaders utilize to address ethical conflicts include active listening, acceptance of personal responsibility, being open, prohibiting misbehavior, and the establishment of the moral implications of the decision made.     Effective Decision Making Essay.


In a recap, leadership is an integral component when it comes to decision making. The leadership style adopted by a leader, as well as the decision-making skills that they hold determines a lot the success or failure of the change implementation process. Leaders must therefore become aware that their obligation goes beyond the organization and as well, caters for other stakeholders including regulatory organs. Besides the organization’sinterest in the decision making, other regulations that guide the healthcare industry also greatly affect the decisions being made by way of compliance. Nevertheless, leaders must make informed decisions based on evidence and the existing organizational data to maximize the benefits of the organization, as well as that of the stakeholders.Effective Decision Making Essay.