Effective Communication Essay.

Effective Communication Essay.


M 4- Leadership Assignment Description Effective Communication The Joint Commission reported that [poor] communication was the root cause of 66% of Sentinel Events between 1995-2005. Examine communication and collaboration in your workplace. Include these aspects: • The components necessary for effective interpersonal communication.Effective Communication Essay.


• Discuss the importance of interprofessional collaboration. • Apply components of interpersonal communication to interprofessional collaboration. • Discuss strategies to promote interprofessional collaboration. • Describe effective strategies to build interprofessional teams. • Cultural competence Assignment Expectations: Length: Between 1500 and 2000 words Structure: Include a title page and reference page in APA format. These do not count towards the minimum word count for this assignment. Your essay must include an introduction and a conclusion. References: Use appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions. You should utilize at least two scholarly sources in addition to your textbook.Effective Communication Essay.


One aspect of healthcare delivery that is very fundamental and has a great impact on patient safety is effective communication. It is imperative to focus on improving the effectiveness of communication at all levels. According to Richard K. Croteau, the Managing Director of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) stated that communication is an aspect often overlooked by quality professionals (Burgener,.2020). According to an analysis, it revealed that communication breakdown resulted in the emergence of sentinel events. A patient handoff which is also referred to as transitioning is the act of passing a patient between caregivers and the communication involved in the process. These transfers are crucial as they are as sensitive as airlifting a patient to a referral hospital and telling the emergency team that the patient feels fit enough to fly and jump out of a helicopter(Burgener,.2020).Effective Communication Essay. Also, communication breakdown in a healthcare facility could be as mundane as a nurse ending their shift and informing their replacement regarding a patient who has been taken off medicine. This exchange tends to be a huge weak point in healthcare and each handoff has the risk of having important information being forgotten, not passed, or garbled. Therefore, this paper will focus on the importance of effective communication in nursing care to avert and avoid the emergence of sentinel events.Effective Communication Essay.

Components Necessary For Effective Interpersonal Communication

The medical practice, as well as health systems, have considerably changed and medical establishments need the implementation of marketing guidelines to assist maximize performance with impact from social, economic as well as medical perspectives to effectively compete and differentiate from competitors(Burgener,.2020). Communication is an essential clinical skill that if executed competently and efficiently, facilitates the establishment of a trustworthy environment as well as a relationship of trust between the medical professionals and the patient customer which is a therapeutic collaboration.

One important component of effective interpersonal communication is the ability to have active listening skills, comprehending the message, and responding to questions for interpretation pf non—verbal language thus encouraging the speaker to continue with the conversation(Burgener,.2020). Ideally, communication in the medical domain comprises the creation of a therapeutic relationship, understand the patient’s point of view, exploration of thoughts and emotions, and guiding the medical professionals towards improving their health. The most important components of communication are listening, explaining, and empathizing since these can have a tremendous impact on the patients’ medical status and functioning(Burgener,.2020). To achieve effective communication, medical staff must demonstrate active listening skills, show empathy, have time availability, and communicate to the patient simply and understandably.Effective Communication Essay.

Apply Components Of Interpersonal Communication To Interprofessional Collaboration

Interprofessional healthcare teams play an integral role in the modern healthcare system. Therefore, these interprofessional collaboration empowers the interdependent healthcare providers as well as consumers to share the required expertise for making difficult and necessary collaborative healthcare decisions(Burgener,.2020). The components of interpersonal communication such as active listening, time availability, explaining, and emphasizing help in building effective teams which in return promote coordination among various specialists.Effective Communication Essay. Further, effective teams improve coordination among key stakeholders in delivering the best possible care(Burgener,.2020). since effective communication is an essential part of creating an effective healthcare team, it should be taken seriously as it will help build respectful, meaningful, and cooperative relationships among team members. Also, the team members should perform functional tasks as well as maintenance of the goals within the teal while minimizing the expression of all the dysfunctional roles.

Interpersonal collaboration demands effective leadership both emergent and formal leadership. This is important since effective leaders usually encourage the sharing of relevant information and management of productive conflict (Farajzadeh& Karimi, 2020). Eventually, the members of the teams apply their interpersonal communication skills to collaborative teams and cooperative relationships.Effective Communication Essay.

Importance of Interprofessional Collaboration

Modern healthcare encourages teamwork and as a result, health professionals are currently working together to deliver quality care and improve the patient experience. However, this working together is improved through communication and interprofessional collaboration(Farajzadeh& Karimi, 2020). Typically, interprofessional collaboration is more than sharing data and effective communication between physicians and nurses, it demands that all care team members participate in patient care and engage with each other. Firstly, the importance of interprofessional collaboration is it improves patient care and outcomes(Farajzadeh& Karimi, 2020). Further, it enhances hospital communication technology that allows care teams to communicate and collaborate securely and seamlessly at the point of care either through voice, text, or video. Effective Communication Essay.Secondly, it reduces medical errors. Ideally, in healthcare, communication gaps can have serious consequences such as misdiagnoses ad missed symptoms which are the third leading cause of deaths each year(Farajzadeh& Karimi, 2020). Thirdly, it helps start treatment faster. Since communication delays tend to frustrate patients and a lot of time is wasted and most times conditions worsen, interprofessional collaboration helps to bridge these gaps as it keeps the care team members remain connected and can automate alerts and in return, the right information is delivered to the right people at the right time through secure messaging, video or voice.Effective Communication Essay.

Strategies to Promote Interprofessional Collaboration

To provide the best hospital experience to patients, professionals require communication and coordination. This cooperative approach is known as interprofessional collaboration and it aims to assist nurses and doctors to work together to deliver the highest quality care. generally, this concept fosters trust and respect between the healthcare providers while encouraging the practice of nurses as same as with physicians(Farajzadeh& Karimi, 2020). One strategy of promoting interprofessional collaboration is to encourage engagement in other departments’ training.

Evidently, healthcare professionals usually attend a training session tailored to their discipline. However, they are encouraged to make an effort to attend other department’s classes to get exposed to more insight into other roles in the hospital.Effective Communication Essay. Ideally, it helps nurses to understand challenges faced by other colleagues and in return, bonds are strengthened(Farajzadeh& Karimi, 2020). Secondly, promoting multidisciplinary rounds is a strategy that offers simple ways to improve communication between departments. Therefore, nurses should encourage their staff to take advantage of such opportunities to ask questions and seek clarification and discuss patient needs and goals with other providers(Farajzadeh& Karimi, 2020). Ideally, multidisciplinary rounds usually allow team members to have discussions and exchange crucial information regarding each patient’s plan of care. thus, ensuring each provider is on the same page regarding the patient.Effective Communication Essay.

Effective Strategies to Build Interprofessional Teams.

One key strategy for healthcare reform is improved healthcare collaboration. Building interprofessional teams have significantly helped improve patient outcomes such as decreasing morbidity, prevent adverse drug reactions and mortality rates(Farajzadeh& Karimi, 2020). Further, teamwork has been shown to increase job satisfaction. Effective Communication Essay.To build interprofessional teams, it is important to employ some strategies such as clarifying roles, encourage trust and confidence, use collective leadership, and overcoming personal differences(Farajzadeh& Karimi, 2020). To have everyone contribute in a team, and promote collaborative relationships, it important to have their roles properly explained and clarified. However, in a healthcare setting, some situations will require the professional to do what is in the best interest of the patient and this will require them to step outside of their conventional professional role(Farajzadeh& Karimi, 2020). Additionally, trust is developed and increases when members of a healthcare team are aware of other professional’s roles and witness their abilities.Effective Communication Essay. Therefore, it’s imperative to encourage and foster an environment of trust to establish a collaborative practice. Finally, collective leadership is an effective strategy to build interprofessional teams as it takes the pressure off one person and disperses it throughout the group. Thus, increases team success and synergy

Cultural Competence

Diversity in the nation has presented both opportunities and challenges for healthcare systems, providers, and policymakers to create and deliver quality culturally competent services (Khatib Zanjani& Moharreri, 2020). Essentially, cultural competence is the ability for organizations and providers to effectively and efficiently deliver healthcare services that meet the cultural, social, and linguistic needs of the patient. Ideally, a culturally competent healthcare system improves the quality of care and health outcomes and can play an integral role in eliminating ethnic and racial health disparities(Khatib Zanjani& Moharreri, 2020). One effective strategy to shit the healthcare system towards these goals is offering relevant training on cross-cultural and cultural competence issues to healthcare professionals and developing policies that minimize administrative as well as linguistic barriers to patient care.Effective Communication Essay.

Healthcare professionals ought to be aware of all the cultural factors that shape the health and wellbeing of individuals and should strive to provide the highest quality of care to all their patients despite race, cultural and ethnic background(Khatib Zanjani& Moharreri,2020). Some of the ways to overcome cultural barriers are through recruiting and retaining minority staff, providing interpreter services. Offering training to increase cultural knowledge, skills, and awareness, coordinating with traditional healers, make use of community health workers, incorporate family and community members in decision making and work with culture-specific values and attitudes into health promotion tools.Effective Communication Essay.


Communication is an important human activity that is usually taken for granted and only recognized as important once it has failed. Communication failures are contributors to serious events in healthcare. It is imperative to streamline channels of communication in healthcare since when a patient’s safety is at risk, providers are expected to initiate a message to avert harm from being caused. Further, they should encode and understand other professional’s diagnosis as well as recommendations to ensure well-coordinated service delivery of care.

To achieve effective communication, there is a need to have an intricate web of people, group as well as organizational factors. These people should work collaboratively to ensure they deliver the highest quality of care to the patients. Further, processes and procedures meant to improve the completeness, timeliness, and accuracy of staff to staff communication should be implemented. Additionally, face to face interdisciplinary change of shift meetings is important as they help leave an update to the replacements. Finally, healthcare professionals should take the necessary steps to minimize reliance on verbal orders and need a procedure of read-back verification for when verbal instructions are offered. All strategies necessary for improving communication in healthcare institutions should be embraced to reduce sentinel events.Effective Communication Essay.