EBP Proposals Discussion

EBP Proposals Discussion

The Way All Appropriate Audiences Will Receive Information on the EBP Proposal Recommendations 

As much as the primary audience for the EBP recommendations on blood glucose monitoring is that of family nurse practitioners (FNPs) in this case, other clinicians will also benefit from the same. These would be other clinicians with different designations but who also care for and treat patients across the lifespan. They include physicians and physician assistants. In the spirit of interprofessional collaboration and communication, findings and recommendations of the clinical inquiry into blood glucose monitoring should be shared with these other clinician audiences. For this, other dissemination strategies will also need to be used to reach the other appropriate audiences as mentioned above. I would therefore reach these audiences through other dissemination methods such as posters (Williams & Cullen, 2016), policy briefs (Arcury et al., 2017), social media, and publications as well (Brownson et al., 2018). EBP Proposals Discussion

Posters (both electronic and physical paper ones) can be read by anyone and can target many audiences at the same time. For this reason, I will use this strategy of dissemination to reach the other appropriate audiences. Policy briefs are executive summaries of the EBP recommendations that are given to the top management of directorship of healthcare organizations. The hope is that they will incorporate the findings and recommendations into their organization’s policies, procedures, and culture. If this happens, all the appropriate audiences within the organization will get the proposals equally. Lastly, I will also use social media and publications in journals to reach these other audiences because of their wide reach.



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