Eating Disorders Essay Example

Eating Disorders Essay Example

The process of encouraging children to have a healthy lifestyle should be done carefully to ensure that it doesn’t result into disorderly eating habits. Research has been carried out and it has been realized that 7 out of 10 girls feel that they are not of the right weight. On the other side, 75% of the girls who have low self esteem, do posses very poor social relationships with other girls. Self esteem involves possessing the confidence and having the feelings like someone can handle the demands of being a teenager. There is inadequate use of the health facilities which are available, there is a very small number of people with eating disorder and seek medical attention specifically for that disorder.Eating Disorders Essay Example From the researches conducted, it has been realized that people with eating disorders spend huge sums of money seeking for medical attention. When handling the cases for men, special questionnaires can be used together with the Body Checking Questionnaires. Many people are not contented with their weights especially when they appear to be huge. Some of these complications are being caused by excessive consumption of fatty foods. Such eating disorders cause heart problems and can later result into death. Some of the disorders are under diagnosed as men’s weights are may look normal and they may look healthy. This is a challenge especially to the medical practitioners who cannot easily determine and ascertain when a man is suffering from a particular kind of disorder.

Eating disorders are very common today. Several governments and other stakeholders have tried to put up mechanisms which can help bring down the number of eating disorders. It is the goal of each government to ensure that there are fewer eating disorders. This implies that there will be a healthier population too.Eating Disorders Essay Example


The reaction section

The eating disorders are very common among the youths and small children. The eating disorders may cause health complications that may eventually result into a complete drain of one’s resources. The article addresses several issues relating to the eating disorders some of which are very serious. In my opinion, the paper has passed sufficient information that can help the vulnerable group refrain from actions that can have a negative effect to their lives. The article looks at obesity from a psychologist’s point of view. The approach is very good as it helps in giving the reasons why a person can become obese. A problem can be solved better when we know the root cause. Some people become obese as a result of consuming food irresponsibly whereas others may become obese through eating large amounts of fatty foods. This paper gives a very detailed and professional approach in handling the issue of disorderly eating habit.Eating Disorders Essay Example

However, the paper failed to tackle other problems that are caused by eating disorders. There are several other problems that come as a result of eating disorders yet the paper concentrated mainly on the obese disorder. Some other problems that can be caused as a result of the eating disorders include malnutrition which results from lack of enough food intakes, weaker bones which result from the lack of some minerals in the body and lack of balanced diet. All these problems are associated to a person’s feeling and how one views his /her health. Psychologists should also develop means that can be used with different communities so as to ensure proper food intakes thus a boost to the health of people in the society.

I feel that if the proposals presented in the article are taken into consideration then we are likely to have a healthier generation. Such proposals like having a proper eating habit and a timely treatment of eating disorders makes this article very useful as it can help in ensuring a healthier population with fewer eating disorders.Eating Disorders Essay Example