Drug Abuse Example Paper Essay

Drug Abuse Example Paper Essay

Drug is any substance taken to relieve or bring change in the normal body function of the human beings. There are two types of drugs; soft and hard drugs. Drugs are mostly abused by the youths who are mostly after getting some certain effects in their bodies such as happiness. On the other hand, a drug addict is someone whose life becomes dependent on drugs thereby referred to as a drug abuser. There are several causes of drug abuse mostly among the youths who make the largest population of the drug abusers.Drug Abuse Example Paper Essay

Causes of drug abuse among youth

According to Levy (2003), there are two major causes of drug abuse among the youth. These are peer pressure and depression.

Youths get engaged in many activities like the sporting and other school activities. In these interactions, they may influence each other into some behaviors and introduce their partners into drug abuse. This is mostly seen in boys’ schools where they make friends and through influencing one another, they get to use the drugs until it becomes an addiction to them.


Some youths also engage in drugs to fight depression. This is usually taken to relieve some bad thoughts after something bad happens to someone. After a long use of the drug, it becomes a habit and the person end up being a drug abuser. Another major cause of drug abuse among the young generation is the widespread unemployment (Bagenstos, 2009). Some youths engage in the selling of drugs in order to earn a living due to the unemployment problem.Drug Abuse Example Paper Essay

Effects of Drug Abuse

There are three aspects in which drug abuse can be viewed; social aspect, health aspect and the financial aspect.

On the social aspect, the drug taken cause the drug abuser to behave abnormally and this is associated with committing of immoralities. According to Porry (2004), the major cause of the increased crimes like the armed robbery seen in most countries is due to drug abuse among the youths. There are also other crimes related to drug abuse and immoralities which have been the major contributors to the spread of sexually transmitted infections like the HIV AIDS. On the health aspect, use of drug affects the health of the user negatively. The abuse of the hard drugs may even cause madness and among other body malfunctions hence should be avoided.

Remedies to Drug Abuse

In order to control and eliminate the abuse of drugs among the youths some steps have to be taken. The parents should monitor the behaviors of their children and guide them in choosing their friends. This will help the children from getting into bad company who may ruin their lives. The government should also play a role in the control of the vast abuse of the drugs by ensuring the sale of hard drugs is controlled. The affected persons should also be rehabilitated and guided on the right steps to take to avoid drug abuse (Smith, 2012).Drug Abuse Example Paper Essay


Use and abuse of both soft and hard drugs is becoming a national calamity among the youths. There are several reasons making the youths engage in the use of drugs and the major one has been identified to be idleness. The youths should be fully engaged in constructive activities to avoid the abuse of drugs


Being an international threat, drug abuse should be done away with among the youths. The government should be the key player in abolishing drug use and this can be done by putting some strict rules on the use of drugs. Those caught selling the hard drugs should be punished in accordance to the law. Parents should also ensure that they check on the behavior of their young ones to ensure they maintain good moral s and avoid the use of drugs.Drug Abuse Example Paper Essay