Domestic Abuse Case Study

Domestic Abuse Case Study

Abuse can be explained as “to take care of wrongfully or harmfully”. There will vary categories of mistreatment which have been accepted and in your research study there is apparently two distinct kinds of abuse, domestic abuse and child abuse. These can be sub split into terms of physical misuse, emotional /psychological maltreatment, and non-organic failure to flourish. Physical abuse is the intentional inflicting of physical injury or harm or deliberately not preventing injury occurring.Domestic Abuse Case Study

The bare minimum physical signs observed in our study to both Mrs Dark and James are bruising with suspect excuses for their appearance. Emotional mistreatment is the continual failing to meet basic emotional needs. Mental development is stunted and well- being impaired. The emotional signs inside our case study is seen in James by his activities of being withdrawn and non-communicative. The behavioural indication to misuse taking destination to James is his extreme behaviour.

The short-term effects of physical maltreatment to James are bruising and pain. In the long term repeating injuries can cause secondary disorder and complications, permanent scarring and disfigurement. His psychological effects in the short term are a fear of parents or others, withdrawal, poor romantic relationship along with his peers. The long-term emotional results for James could be low self esteem, depression, inability to create relationships.

Abuse can happen for most reasons and there are a variety of theoretical perspectives which might be useful in clarifying why the mistreatment has taken place. The Feminist perspective believes that gender and family functions gives authorization to a culture of mistreatment. Consider the historical and stereotypical ideas of the family, with men, women and children having certain roles. Along with the men having electric power and control in the perspective of mistreatment. In James case he lives in a reconstituted family with the father figure being dominant and a heavy drinker. From a psychological perspective, liquor misuse may bring mental health problems which may increase hostility in the individual and so James is more at risk from mistreatment by his step daddy. The family dysfunction theory suggests that the family is not operating due to family dynamics.Domestic Abuse Case Study The dysfunctioning family endeavors to find alternate ways of coping. The partnership between the mother and James, will involve a dependency of James on his mom. With other problems in James mothers life, this leads to increasing stress and the shortcoming of his mother to cope and manage the problem within the partnership. The attachment theory declare that significant separations of a kid from the carer in the early years can have an effect on their emotional development and can lead to psychological and public difficulties in later life. With the loss of both his dad and his sisters` dad with whom he was close, may have added to his deterioration of his behaviour


If a client begins to produce a disclosure of mistreatment it’s important to ensure personal privacy and confidentiality. It is necessary showing that hearing skills are employed and that I keep your cool and receptive. I must listen closely without interruption and inform you that I am taking their disclosure really. I have to only ask questions of clarification easily am unclear in regards to what the susceptible adult is saying. It’s important that I acknowledge their courage in arriving forward and inform them that they are not accountable for the abuse. I must allow it be known to them what I’ll do to help them and where possible get their consent to inform my line administrator. I must talk with my client in comfortable and noiseless surroundings. I’d ask my customer to sit down where I shall use SOLER techniques to assist in communication. Using the SOLER theory I would use the five basic components used in communication. I would sit squarely on at the stand turned towards one another. I would take up an open pose. I would take a seat so that people have regular but varied eye contact and this my consumer could see my cosmetic expressions and gestures to aid in communication. This would also let him know i am mixed up in situation. I’d lean forward just a little to mention to him i am interested and focused on actively listen to him. This adhered to our organizations insurance plan on Confidentiality and the Data Protection Act of 1998 allowing my consumer to words his concerns without get worried and secured his privacy. I would inform him that they are not responsible for the abuse. I have to let it be known to him what I’ll do to help him and where possible get his consent to inform my line director. It is important that I make an instantaneous record of what the prone adult has said, only using their own words. This will be noted in the Event Book, clearly, effectively and legibly, and then reported to the Series Manager who’s responsible for any further action.Domestic Abuse Case Study

As we do not supply a health care service, we are not required to enroll with the Care Payment, but we ensure all our procedures and procedures meet their benchmarks. As all clients under these benchmarks are legally allowed an individualized treatment plan, we instead have a task plan. The coverage and techniques on abuse of your organisation are underpinned by the Country wide Care Standards that have been set up under the Rules of Care and attention (Scotland) Action 2001. This Take action came about to modify the health care and social employees and set out the principals of proper care practice. The Treatment Commission was setup under this Take action to register, control and check all health care services listed in the Function. It also set up The Scottish Friendly Services Council (SSSC). (ref1)The SSSC has goals and objectives to safeguard the service users, increase requirements, strengthen and support labor force professionalism. An example of the code of practice on abuse, of the SSSC is `to protect the privileges and promote the interests of the service users and carers. Make an effort to establish and keep maintaining trust and self-assurance of service users and carers. Promote the self-reliance of service users while safeguarding them so far as possible from threat or harm. Respect the protection under the law of service users and ensure that their behaviour does not harm themselves or others. ` The coverage for protecting susceptible people in your organisation is achieved through the careful selection, testing, training and supervision of staff and volunteers. BENEATH THE Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Take action 2007 a code of good practice for susceptible adults in your company has been developed which desires personnel or volunteers suspecting or have had mistreatment disclosed must immediately record the concerns to their line administrator and article an incident report. The line supervisor will discuss the concerns with the individual reporting the maltreatment; she will clarify the concerns and acquire all known relevant information. This will be forwarded to the correct local Social Work Department stating which it concerns prone adult protection. Inside the lack of a line supervisor the concerns should be reported right to the local Social work division and then notify the line administrator as soon as possible. The cultural work department after investigation may have to inform the authorities to investigate further. (ref2)” the principal role of Registered Community Individuals is the safety and advertising of the welfare of children, vulnerable men and women and the campaign of the welfare of communities in accordance with the Scottish Friendly Services Council’s Code of Practice for Social Service Personnel. ” (ref3)”The interpersonal work department will continue to work with the police to carry out joint enquires if possible and organise case reviews and protection conferences. The police could keep safe from injury the individual who may have been put through abuse and may call for a medical examination. They’ll examine and collect information, interview suspects, identify offenders and arrange situations for prosecution. ” The GP or medical center Doctor maybe engaged giving medical evidence of abuse and treating the average person.Domestic Abuse Case Study

Under our code of good practice in avoiding abuse it is important which i avoid unobserved situations of one -to-one contact with a susceptible adult. I must never request a vulnerable adult to my home; I have to never offer to have a vulnerable adult by themselves in my own vehicle, if it is necessary to do things of any “personal “nature e. g. toileting, I have to have the consent and understanding of the carers and my lines administrator, before doing any of the above. I must not employ or allow any sexually provocative game titles involving or discovered by vulnerable men and women. I have to never make or allow suggestive remarks or discrimatory feedback to be made to a prone adult. I must not engage in or tolerate bullying, or improper physical behaviour. I have to respect all susceptible adults irrespective of years, gender, ethnicity, impairment or sexual id. I must avoid “favouritism” and singling out “troublemakers”. I have to never trivialise abuse rather than let allegations of misuse go unreported, including any made against myself. The insurance plan and procedures of your organisation abide by the Safeguard of Vulnerable Groupings Work (Scotland) 2007 by making sure as a way of vetting and barring every volunteer and staff has been through a Disclosure which shows any convictions. If any convictions suggest that abuse of our clients is a possibility then they would not be allowed to volunteer or be employed.Domestic Abuse Case Study

Sources of support for employees in neuro-scientific preventing mistreatment can be provided by statutory, voluntary, and private or unbiased organisations. Statutory services have a definite concern laid down by legislation e. g. communal services and NHS. The voluntary sector is operate on a non profit making basis and also have arisen by way of a recognized need and reveal society`s feelings. E. g. Advocacy, Mencap. Private organisations make a profit but I am unaware of any private local organisation that supports prone adults suffering maltreatment. Support can consist of Casework, by working on a one to one basis, by counselling again one to one, and by group work bring people as well as shared issues to resolve problems mutually.

(Ref4) Cultural beliefs play a role in defining what’s considered abusive do. What we in the united kingdom consider abuse might not be considered misuse in another culture. For example, domestic maltreatment has only lately become abhorrent in the UK. As until the 1970s/80s, local abuse was considered a marital problem and also to be accepted, but today we have little tolerance for domestic mistreatment. But, today, cultural minority women still run the chance of very long periods of abuse and find it difficult to article, people expect women to put on with it, as ethnic women are believed their husbands property. ‘Honour killings` are not unknown amongst ethnic minorities using religious wording as justification. (Ref5)Female circumcision is another culturally accepted form of misuse, still practised in 28 countries in Africa. It really is seen to control feminine sexuality and love-making outside marriage. That is done to girl’s a long time from 4 to 12. It often takes place in un- hygienic conditions with probably fatal results.Domestic Abuse Case Study

Sometimes, personnel may have trouble accepting the motives of men and women who get excited about abuse. There may be the need to ask why and how can they have got abused? Where they just bad or mad? Perhaps the workers prices and beliefs make working with an abuser distasteful. However, a professional approach to working with an abuser must be studied. For individuals who use abusers there’s a need to comprehend why people maltreatment.


Abusive behaviour can often be the consequence of mental health problems, empathy deficit, brain harm or being abused themselves. By becoming the abuser they imagine they are simply taking control, some even believe that they aren’t doing anything wrong and cannot stop themselves. Whenever using people who have abused it’s important to keep yourself updated that they could continue to abuse again and as well as trying to treat the root cause for maltreatment their is a need to protect the community from the abuser. So, the use of risk assessments are essential to keep safe when working with an abuser. ( Ref7) It’s important to have the ability to understand probable dangers and take appropriate action to reduce them. Effective communication and personal skills are useful to comprehend and reduce potential conflicts. Reflection by myself values and exactly how they may affect my practice and awareness and knowledge of the abusers cultural values and qualifications is required to ensure consciousness and intervention is employed when required.Domestic Abuse Case Study