Diversity in Healthcare Essay

Diversity in Healthcare Essay

Cultural diversity is an important competency for all health care professionals to develop regardless of their expertise and years of experience. A real challenge for leaders and managers whose backgrounds differ from staff is “fitting in” and being included. Unfortunately these differences in cultural backgrounds can have a negative impact on effective care expectations. The purpose of this paper is to explore the implications of cultural diversity in patient care delivery, where one can expect that staff and the patient community have different backgrounds, expectations, priorities and values.Diversity in Healthcare Essay


Why culture matters
Patient care delivery operates in a cultural context that includes the beliefs of the health care professionals as well as the patients. This greatly influences interactions between health care professionals.

The congruency of patient care delivery and health beliefs
The staff is representative of the community at large. Essentially learning to lead a mostly Hispanic team will assist in serving a mostly Hispanic population. Communication techniques and practices alone cannot therefore bridge the gap- there is a need to understand the experience of a culture as well as to be bilingual in the body language, practices and underlying frameworks used in communication (Conn et al., 2015). A specific example of the impact of patient care delivery and health care beliefs are found in the fact that as an outsider I am not being included in many discussions and decisions, despite my authority. This is preventing me from guiding and leading my staff in decisions, and it impacts patient care.

Cultural misconceptions and different communication styles
Cultural misconceptions due to differing communication styles can occur for a number of reasons, such as timing, the level of intensity, body language used and the extent to which personal information is revealed. This can result in misunderstandings or misunderstood responses which can compound, or it may result in withdrawal as it did in this case study, with staff choosing to leave out myself, given the lack of cultural understanding.Diversity in Healthcare Essay

Next steps for leaders and organizations
There are steps that I must take as the leader and manager of the staff in order to create an environment that recognizes and values difference. The need to do so is clear; the multicultural context in which health care operates is real and increasing (Hsieh, 2013). Language and cultural barriers tend to result in increased diagnostic testing by health care provider, reduced preventative care and follow up and reduced patient satisfaction (Hsieh, 2013). One can assume that studies would find similar impacts with regard to staff interaction.

Helping staff to understand cultural and communication factors
There are two aspects to helping my staff to better understand my cultural and communication factors, and that is that I must learn more about the dominant Hispanic culture while at the same time increasing the understanding of and expectations with regard to my framework and communication style. This requires changes in my own attitude, as I can increase my openness and curiosity about the culture. I might also be helpful to learn Spanish. I can also clarify communication expectations with staff so that I am not left out of important discussions regarding care.Diversity in Healthcare Essay

How the organization incorporates cultural beliefs into patient care
The various organizations involved in healthcare incorporate cultural beliefs into patient care on a number of levels and in multiple ways including how patients and their status or condition might be viewed, as well as aspects of practice and coordination between staff that can impact patient care. There are diverse possible paths to incorporating a cultural context that values diversity (Shield et al., 2015). With such a large global movement of nurses and other health professionals, it is clear that cultural competencies in the work context are an important aspect of the continuous improvement objectives in health care (Sherwood & Shaffer, 2014).Diversity in Healthcare Essay

The development of cultural competency in diverse settings takes learning and time, but professionals such as nurses in the health care sector face this imperative as the cultural diversity of backgrounds of staff, patients and the local community is increasing, and a lack of cultural competence has an impact on patient care and the work environment. When cultures communicate different, and this is not highlighted or explored in the work context, then it can easily become entrenched in practice. This is not necessary, as with a two-step approach it is possible to become more aware of cultural factors through better understanding the culture but also by highlighting the reality of the issue with staff.Diversity in Healthcare Essay

Cultural Diversity in the Health Care Setting Cultural diversity in the health care setting is increasing each year. Knowing how to care for patients of different religious and spiritual faiths is essential to providing high-quality, patient-centered care. The author of this paper will research three lesser-known religions; Taoism, Sikhism and Shamanism. Through this paper, she will provide a brief background on each of the three religions and present information regarding spiritual perspectives on healing, critical components of healing and health care considerations associated with each religion. Taoism Taoism is an ancient Chinese religion dating back to the sixth century. Diversity in Healthcare Essay
The first is qigong which is a health practice that utilizes body movement, breathing techniques and mental focus to assist in healing, relaxation and reconnecting (Winn, 2009). Next is that art of meditation. Meditation is an important element in the Tao religion. Many Taoists practice meditation to achieve mental serenity and heighten mental awareness. There are also various forms of exercise, such as yoga and Tai Chi, and therapies, acupuncture and moxibustion, which Taoists use to restore balance within the body and achieve healing. Health Care Considerations When caring for Taoist’s patients, the most important thing to remember is their need to restore balance. For them, this may not be achieved through traditional medical practice; however, this does not mean that we should do nothing. Taoists do not believe in artificial or arbitrary healing. Healing must be natural and spontaneous (Tai, 2009). If we try to force medical treatments on them, it may in turn do more harm than good and cause great suffering. Taoists see artificial treatment as a source of evil; however, if the treatment follows the flow of Tao, it is regarded as natural and therefore allowed (Tai, 2009). For example, if a Taoist patient is in need of mechanical ventilation to sustain life, it is no longer natural. The only way to natural care for that patient, without disrupting the Tao, is to provide palliative care and ultimately let the
According to the Society for Human Resource Management diversity is: “A broad definition of diversity ranges from personality and work style to all of the visible dimensions of diversity such as race, age, ethnicity or gender, to secondary influences such as religion, socioeconomics and education, to work diversities such as management and union, functional level and classification or proximity/distance to headquarters.” Diversity is a huge factor that we are striving for in many occupations around the world, but healthcare is one of the main professions that is becoming more diverse. Not only does it have many positive effects, it is providing the patients and workers with a sense of respect for each other. The patients are able to have a nurse or occupational therapists that understand where they are coming from. They might have the same morals or they might be in a similar situation as the patient, so they will be able to relate with the patient and understand them during difficult times. More companies are relating diversity into the workforce. Therefore they are able to have a more successful business because of the many changes they are making to meet the needs of each individual.Diversity in Healthcare Essay

Diversity in the field of healthcare is becoming more prominent in the United States. Healthcare is one of the fields of study that has one of the highest cultural diversity rates. It is so important that is a very diverse field, because there are so many kinds of people. Not only are there many people who have different needs, but they are of different age, race, gender, and they have different beliefs. Many people believe that it is crucial to have a lot of diversity to be able to interact with the patients.

The 21st century is the era of technology and modernization. Through extremely efficient and rapid communication systems, businesses are being conducted across the globe from one single point of command and coordination. Through strong and reliable networks, it is very easy for a person to be in one corner of the world in the morning and in the other corner in the evening. Processes are becoming more and more effective and efficient and the world is coming closer as if it were a global village. This phenomenon is called globalization.Diversity in Healthcare Essay
Earlier, it was very rare for people to go live in a foreign country and work. Nowadays, it’s the story of every other person. It doesn’t matter anymore if the job opportunity is from their hometown or from halfway across the world. All people look for is good living and working conditions and opportunities to grow further. Due to this factor, the existence of one single culture in a society is diminishing fast and most societies have turned into multicultural environments where people belonging to various cultures co-exist.
Multicultural society is a very positive aspect of globalization and like it exists in every walk of life in the present day world, it exists in the healthcare industry too. Be it the doctors working in a hospital, the nursing staff, the administration of the health institutions or be it the patients coming for treatment, multiculturalism is evident everywhere. Especially in the developed countries of the world where people from all parts of the world come in search of better jobs and standard of living, people from all nationalities, races, ethnicities, religions and colors are found in the healthcare industry. Diversity in Healthcare Essay