Discussion Post-Theoretical Frameworks

Discussion Post-Theoretical Frameworks

Post 1- framework

Based on the research article you read, respond to the following prompts: What, if any, was the theoretical framework that was used by article author(s)?

  • Describe the framework; was it from nursing or a borrowed theory?Discussion Post-Theoretical Frameworks
  • Describe how the framework was used to inform the research study.
  • How much did the researchers write about it in the journal article? For example, was it weaved throughout the paper or mentioned only in the beginning?
  • In your opinion, what other nursing theory might have worked with this research study? Why?


Use article and 1 additional reference

Framework Description

Scheidenhelm & Reitz (2017) used Lewin’s theory of planned change and Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations to implement bedside shift report (BSR) in their study.  Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations is a nursing theory, which explains the three phases that nurse-patient relationships pass through to be successful namely orientation, working, and termination. However, Lewin’s theory of planned change is a borrowed non-nursing theory, which discusses the process of change as a form of evolution that happens in three stages namely unfreezing, moving, and freezing.

How the Framework Informed the Research Study

The purpose of using Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations was to establish a trusting and therapeutic relationship between patients and nurses during interactions such as introducing an oncoming shift nurse, identifying patients’ needs, reviewing progress, and collaborating on the care plan with the patient during BSR (Scheidenhelm & Reitz, 2017). Lewin’s theoretical framework provided a practical and simple model to facilitate the change process starting with creating a perception of a needed change and progressing towards a new and desired behavior until it becomes a norm.Discussion Post-Theoretical Frameworks

How Researchers Wrote About the Theoretical Framework

Scheidenhelm & Reitz (2017) wrote about Lewin’s theory of planned change and Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations throughout the article. They started by introducing how they used the theoretical frameworks to perform an organizational assessment at the beginning, and later during implementation in the med-surge unit.

Alternative Nursing Theory

An alternative borrowed theory that can be used to implement change in the study is the Rogers Innovation Diffusion theory. This theory explains how an individual progresses from knowing a particular innovation to confirming a decision that either rejects or adopts the innovative idea (Wani & Ali, 2015).


Scheidenhelm S., & Reitz O. E., (2017). Hardwiring Bedside Shift Report. J Nurs Adm. 2017; 47(3):147-153.

Wani, T. A., & Ali, S. W. (2015). Innovation diffusion theory. Journal of general management research3(2), 101-118.Discussion Post-Theoretical Frameworks