Discussion MN 502 Unit 10

Discussion MN 502 Unit 10

Things to remember:

Discussion post is at least 200 words.

Answers all questions with opinions/ideas creatively and clearly. Supports post using several outside, peer-reviewed sources.

3 References, try to find resources that are 5 years or less

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To Discuss:

Unit 10 Discussion

Topic 1: Reflection

Think back upon your first topic question in Unit 1 and the four assignments you completed in this course. What do you believe about the influences of theory on nursing practice? What value do you place on using a model for practice as an advanced practice registered nurse? How has your philosophy of advanced practice nursing changed over the last nine weeks?


· My first topic question in Unit 1:

My name is J.G, I worked in the field of nursing about 7 years of which the first 4 worked in Emergency Room, then I moved to the Operations Room as Supervisor for two years and I am currently working on utilization review, All within the same hospital institution. I decided to study a Masters in Nursing nurse practitioner to expand my knowledge and expand my job prospects. I believe that through this course we will share and exchange ideas, opinions that will allow us to interact to become better professionals to offer our services as real professionals.

· My four assignments: See PowerPoint attached

Discussion MN 502 Unit 10