Discussion 2- Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)

Discussion 2- Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)

Discussion 2

Evidence-based practice (EBP) has been touted as a tool for transforming nursing care and improving its quality. In fact, it underscores the need for redesigning care that is efficient, safe and effective through the use of the best available evidence. However, despite its objectives to improve care, nurses have approached EBP with mixed sentiments (Black et al., 2015). This is an issue at my facility whereby it is noted that nurses do not apply EBP despite its capacity to deliver quality health care and the best decisions that lead to quality outcomes. Shefiei et al. (2014) acknowledges this concern by exploring nurses’ perception of EBP. The article notes that although it would logically be expected for nurses to support EBP, that is not always the case and their attitude, practice and knowledge/skill are likely to differ. It cites other studies in noting that nurses are aware of EBP but most of them do not work in the context, either due to lack the skills for EBP, limited access to evidence, or do not apply the skills they have. It further adds that nurses generally have difficulty in comprehending the value of research results and how to apply them as evidence. The implication is that although EBP has the potential for improving nursing practice, unfortunately it has been underutilized for a variety of reasons. As such, there is a need to explore the reasons as to why EBP is underutilized by nurses, so as to develop the appropriate strategies that would effectively improve EBP application. Towards this end, the study applied a cross-sectional study approach that engaged 195 nurses as study participants in a teaching hospital to explore their perceptions on EBP (Shefiei et al., 2014). Discussion 2- Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)



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Discussion 2- Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)