Differentiate between EMRs and EHRs Essay.

Differentiate between EMRs and EHRs Essay.


Differentiate between EMRs and EHRs. Discuss the importance of interoperability in relationship to both types of records and to how the EMR and EHR improve quality and access to care.Differentiate between EMRs and EHRs Essay.


Discussion Topic

Electronic medical records (EMRs) refers to the digital form of clinical paper charts. The EMRs contain information and notes that the clinicians collect and healthcare providers use EMRs to make diagnoses and provide treatment (Jawhari et al., 2016). Through EMRs, healthcare providers are able to track patient information over time, identify patients for screenings and preventative services, monitor patients, and enhance the quality of care.Differentiate between EMRs and EHRs Essay. On the other hand, electronic health records (EHRs) go beyond the collected clinical data and include a wider view of the patient’s care (Kruse et al., 2018). EHRs contain data from all healthcare providers involved in the care of the patient. All authorized healthcare provides involved in patient care can access the patient information to facilitate care provision. Additionally, EHRs share information with other clinical departments such as laboratories, consultants, specialists, and other external healthcare organizations such as referral hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers(Kruse et al., 2018).Differentiate between EMRs and EHRs Essay.

Interoperability in EMRs and EHRs facilitates improve workflows, decreases ambiguity, and enablesthe transfer of information across healthcare stakeholders and among EMR/EHR systems (Shull, 2019). Interoperability thus improvesthe provision of healthcare by availing the right information at the right time, to the correct individuals.Differentiate between EMRs and EHRs Essay.

EMRs and EHRs improve the quality of care, patient safety, and care outcomes through improved patient management, reduce medical/medication errors, improved communication and interactions between healthcare providers, and decrease unnecessary medical investigations. Additionally, EMRs and EHRs enable all members of the multidisciplinary team to readily access the latest patient and care information; this improves care coordination and also facilitates patient-centered care (Jawhari et al., 2016).Differentiate between EMRs and EHRs Essay.