Different Types Of Physical Exercises Essay Paper

Different Types Of Physical Exercises Essay Paper

Types of Physical Exercises


For human bodies to function well (both physically and mentally), be in a good physique, resist disease and live longer, physical exercise is very important. Some of the areas that exercises are important are in; physical fitness: having a physically fit body helps in muscle toning, keeping the body healthy and strong. Another area that physical exercise is important is in mental strength, mental strength makes an individual smarter and gives a person more ideas on how to handle challenges and come out victorious. Regular sporting also increases the blood circulation in the body. General health is one more area that is boosted by exercise; regular sporting helps to keep the immune systems of a person strong and as a result this helps the body fight off diseases. In addition to that, sporting increases the metabolic rate of an individual hence an increase in appetite. In conclusion, another importance of physical exercise is that it helps an individual build self confidence and self esteem. It is therefore important for persons of all ages to engage in sports on a regular basis.Different Types Of Physical Exercises Essay Paper

Outline of the Paper

The main purpose of this paper is to answer several questions that are related to the different types of exercises that are carried out by persons suffering knee, shoulder and ankle injuries. The different phases and angles of shoulder and ankle exercises respectively and their importance to the patient will be discussed in the paper. The exercises carried out by the Swiss ball and their importance to the patient and athlete will also be discussed in the paper.Different Types Of Physical Exercises Essay Paper

Finally the paper will give a review will be given on the important points that were mentioned and discussed in the paper, the lessons learnt from the paper and the impact they will have to me in my future career.

Swiss Ball Exercises: The Swiss ball can be used by people of all ages and gender as an exercising tool. It is however mostly used by overweight women and expectant mothers. There are several exercises that can be carried out using the Swiss ball and each exercise tones a particular body part. According to Petrozzi and Chiro, the Swiss ball twister is used to strengthen muscles around the waste. The triceps dips are used to tone the triceps brachii and the Anoneus muscles of the arm.Different Types Of Physical Exercises Essay Paper
The hamstring curl works on the following muscles; biceps femoris, semimembranosus and semitendinosus muscles among others. The Swiss ball bolt exercise is used to strengthen all the muscles of the body from leg to shoulder muscles. Swiss ball Incline pushups. These types of pushups tone serratus anterior and pectoralis major muscles of the upper body (Petrozzi & Chiro, 2004).

Recurring Knee Injury Exercises: To any sports person and more importantly footballers, an injury to their knees can bring their careers to an end. There are several knee exercises that can be used to make knees stronger hence reduce the chances of getting injuries and at the same time players with recurring knee injuries can apply them in their routine exercises. The first exercise is the back leg lifts. To do this exercise, the athlete should lie flat on his/her stomach with hands by their side.Different Types Of Physical Exercises Essay Paper

The next step is to bend both legs at the knee joint and start kicking one leg at a time. It is recommended that at least 30 repetitions should be done using each leg (Satalkar, 2000).

Another exercise is the leg raise; this exercise can either be done while seated or standing. The athlete is required to lie with his/her back on the bed but the legs should touch the floor. In a rhythmic manner, he/she should raise one leg at a time repeatedly without bending the knee; this should be done until the thighs get tired. The third exercise is the ankle pumps. It is important to note that the purpose of this exercise is to help in preventing blood clotting at the knee after surgery. The secret of doing this exercise is by lying on bed, pointing at the feet for a few seconds and then flex the feet for a couple of seconds. This exercise should be carried out on an hourly basis.Different Types Of Physical Exercises Essay Paper

Another equally important knee exercise is the knee extension which is recommended after knee replacement surgery. The knee should be raised to about 40 degrees and a towel gently tied around it, the next step is to tighten the quadriceps muscles and unbend the knee. The heel is then lifted off the bed, held for not more than 10 seconds after which the leg is released. This is a very complicated exercise and it is advisable for a person to be supervised and helped by a qualified physician or instructor. Heel slides knee exercise helps the operated knee to regain its lost flexion. The best way is to do this exercise while seated on a firm chair. Gently slide your heel backwards under the foot of the chair, hold it for less than 15 seconds and bring it forward gently. Both legs should be used separately although it is advisable to support the injured knee with your hand to avoid more harm (Satalkar, 2000).Different Types Of Physical Exercises Essay Paper

Phases of Shoulder Injury Exercises: Softball players rely on the shoulder strength for them to perform well. In the early phase, some of exercises that can be done are; pulleys, sub maximal isometrics, scapula musculature sets, elbow ROM and cryotherapy. Intermediate phase exercises include; horizontal adductions, scapular strengthening, wean isometric of rotator cuff and shoulder AROM against gravity (Artificial Rupture of Membrane). Late phase exercises include the following; increased anti gravity flexion and abduction, internal and external rotation in the scapular plane, light stretching exercises, IR exercises and finally anterior deltoid strengthening using light weights (Gobezie, 2010).Different Types Of Physical Exercises Essay Paper

Exercises of grade-II-ankle sprain injury: Most ankle injuries are treated using a process known as RICE (Rest, Ice therapy, Compression and Elevation). Cluett (2007) states that for grade II ankle sprain injures, exercises recommended for the patient include; achilles stretches, alphabet writing, toe raises, heel and toe walking, jogging, figure of eights, box runs, isometric exercises, isotonic exercises, balance exercise and plyometric exercises which include; jumping, rope skipping and hopping.

Review of the Paper / Lessons Learnt

Having good human health (physical, psychological and mental) determines the socio and economic growth of an individual.Different Types Of Physical Exercises Essay Paper

This paper has first looked at the important of physical exercise to an individual, next it has analyzed different types of injuries that can affect a person / sport person. It has looked at injuries related to shoulders, knees and ankles. The importance of the Swiss ball in exercises and the body parts that it tones have been discussed in the paper.

By understanding the above discussed areas, I will be in a better position to understand the injuries that affect different body parts and therefore I will be able to recommend correct exercises for both the youth who are actively involved in sports activities. This will help them develop strong physique and reduce their chances of getting injured while in field of play. The lesson will also help me advise the sick and the elderly on the best exercises to strengthen their bones. Different Types Of Physical Exercises Essay Paper