Dietary Risk to Obesity Essay

Dietary Risk to Obesity Essay

Two-Thirds of ADULTS are obese

One in Three Americans are obese

Obesity nearly doubled from 1991 to 1998 poor diets is a contributing factor by 50%

A proper diet with moderate exercise is key to modifying the obesity risk factor in todays adults and children. In the United States, roughly 112,000 deaths per year are directly related to obesity, Patients with a BMI over 40, life expectancy is reduced significantly

C.M. is currently overweight has an extensive family history of co morbidities that this will contribute too

Most of the diet aspects of risk in obesity are independent, the main dietary aspect mostly considered as a risk factor to obesity is overeating.

The factor is called independent since it has the capacity of causing obesity single handedly. Dietary Risk to Obesity Essay.

Another aspect of diet is unbalanced diet, taking too much of carbohydrates can lead to obesity since the food are stored at a higher rate that they are utilized.

The individual thus increase in body weight a situation known as obesity.

Short-term goals

To cut back on calorie intake:

  • Reduce / Cut out Sodas
  • Reduce amount of Sweets
  • Eat smaller portions
  • Exercise 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes
  • Set realistic weight loss limits 5-8 lbs a month
  • Long-term goals
  • Maintain weight that has been lost
  • Increase exercise to 3-5 times a week
  • Stay healthy through diet and physical activity

Nursing interventions for the Preparation stage

Fix date With the patient; in this make sure that t6he time is convenient for the patient it may be after works or during the weekends

Respond to questions regarding the benefits of losing weight. The questions may be sensitive and so it calls for proper understanding of the patient and every question that they project

Inform about weight lose, diet change, exercise, medications

Discuss the importance of thinking about situations that trigger the craving to eat

Discuss alternative ways to cope

Let the patient know of the health consequences of obesity in relation to bad diet

Take the patient through a comprehensive general review of the whole system

Explore and discuss emotions and events associated with eating. The clinician should do this after full inquiry of the dietary composition of the patient.

Carry out and review daily food diary (caloric intake, types and amounts of food, eating habits). Dietary Risk to Obesity Essay.Make sure you are well equipped with the various foods that the patient is allergic to Emphasize the importance of avoiding fat diets and explain the risks that are associated with them many patients have doubted the interventions of the doctors claiming that the intentions are not clear.


Develop an appetite reeducation plan with patient. Let the patient contribute most in the process.

Explore and discuss emotions and events associated with eating. The clinician should do this after full inquiry of the dietary composition of the patient.


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Obesity is one of the most significant health concerns that both children and adults in the USA are facing today. It can be defined as a condition of having too much fat in the adipose tissue of the body to the extent that it impairs body health, and is different from overweight which implies having too much body weight. This is because the weight of an overwieight person can be as a result of body muscle, fat, bone and water.Dietary Risk to Obesity Essay.  However, the two terms imply that an individual’s weight is greater than what health practitioners deem as ideal or healthy weight. There are many health risks prevalent amongst obese individuals today, which can sometimes lead to death. These health concerns include: sleep disturbances, breathlessness when active, type 2 diabetes, heat intolerance, flat feet, emotional concerns, heart attacks, stroke and certain cancers (Malik, 2013). Obesity causes a strain in the economy since it leads to excess mortality and morbidity rates, which are costly in terms of treatment and leads to loss of individual productivity in the workplace. Hence, there is a need to focus on leading a healthy life through engaging in daily workout routines, changing one’s lifestyle for the better and adopting better dietary habits. Furthermore, obesity concerns cuts across all the citizens of the United States, which calls for a collective responsibility in trying to curb the menace from moving to soaring heights. Basically, if obesity isn’t addressed now, it. Dietary Risk to Obesity Essay.