Diabetes is a Disease Essay Paper

Diabetes is a Disease Essay Paper

Diabetes is a disease that can affect people from all backgrounds in the world. It has many characteristics which can sometimes go unnoticed. So, a person needs to be keen on any sudden changes that may occur to his/her health so as to report them to the doctor for treatment as early as possible.Diabetes is caused by a failure of a group of disorders within the human body that produces insulin to ensure there is proper regulation and breaking down of sugars in the blood. According to Tarkovsky (2009 Para 2), basically there exists type one and two diabetes with type one being more common than type two, other types are in existence but not so common as type one and two. This paper will discuss the disabilities caused by diabetes and how they vary from one group of people to another.Diabetes is a Disease Essay Paper


Genetically, an individual is said to be having around 20% probability of inheriting diabetes when the parent are infected by this condition already. But on other hand an individual has a probability of around 4% of getting diabetes from the parents in the case where only one parent is infected. Second, infection is through virus infections that affect the level of insulin in blood that produces Beta cell that makes it hard for the body system to recognize Beta cells as theirs thus destroying them by attacking them. Third cause is from food, when the body can’t produce enough insulin to deal with large amounts of sugars that are from certain foods then this poses a threat. But this is only possible when the body lacks enough insulin such that this mechanism becomes the source of diabetes. The last commonly identified cause of diabetes is too much weight; doctors have proved that individuals who are overweight and mostly above 40years tend to contract the disease more than their counterparts who are younger and not overweight. People are advised to stay healthy by doing exercises and consuming meals which are lesser sugary to avoid the condition  Diabetes is a Disease Essay Paper

According to The diabetes Report (2004-2009 Para 2) diabetes is classified as type 1 which is also referred to as Juvenile that affects people from a childhood level, and type 2 sometimes called adult onset which is very common and only affects people when they are of age. Gestational diabetes only affects pregnant women though not all pregnant women are affected by this condition. Pre-diabetes is more general to people and when a person is perceived to acquire this disease he/she can be diagnosed before visiting a danger zone to stop becoming diabetic. Doctors use Fasting Plasma Glucose or Oral Tolerance Tests to test for diabetes in a person but there some specific procedures they have to follow before the test.Diabetes is a Disease Essay Paper

The symptoms of diabetes are numerous in patients, and below are some of the common characteristics that are mostly seen in patients; excessive thirst, frequent urination, extreme hunger, unexplained weight loss, sudden vision changes, often feeling too tired, numbness in your feet, very dry skin, slow healing process, abnormal amounts of infections, and irritability.Diabetes is a Disease Essay Paper

It is important that those people who have been affected before to have routine check ups to ensure that they are responding well to the drugs they are taking. Patients of diabetes are prone to the attacks of heart disease so they are advised by doctors to quit smoking since it is found to be increasing the risks to a higher level. Taking small doses regularly of aspirin reduces risks associated to a heart disease and it might be a good idea if the doctor adds this requirement to the treatment plan. Patients are likely to take medication for cholesterol and high blood pressure since they are likely to be affected by these problems, but most importantly observe the directives of the doctor.Diabetes is a Disease Essay Paper

According to Rubin (2008 p 54), there are many short term complications associated with diabetes when one is not monitoring the glucose levels in blood which affects the ability to operate normally. An example of a student who is affected may have a problem in taking his/her class work seriously or a driver who loses concentration in most times when driving. Diabetes if noticed early enough can be treated well but if it takes long time there are more chances of impairing the proper functioning of the human system Diabetes is a Disease Essay Paper