Developing a Nursing Portfolio.

Developing a Nursing Portfolio.


The author offers an informative analysis on developing a nursing portfolio. It notes that a portfolio is a collection of documents demonstrating professional qualifications and accomplishments to prospective employers. In addition, it notes that a portfolio is intended to secure a job. Besides that, it offers an acceptable format of a portfolio to include all the major section. Still, there is a need to mention that a portfolio cannot contain all professional qualifications and accomplishments, and that there is a need to choose the items that best demonstrate the desired scope of experience and skills (Reed, 2015). Overall, the discussion has been well presented. Developing a Nursing Portfolio.


Response 2: Karyn

The discussion post offers an analysis of the importance of a nursing portfolio and its contents. The author indicates that a portfolio is intended for use in engaging potential employers to garner their interest. Besides that, it is noted that a well-constructed portfolio must follow a structure that unfolds the information in a manner details suitability for the professional position of interest. Still, there is a need to mention that a portfolio presents a summary of the actual work done (Reed, 2015). Overall, the discussion has been well presented. Developing a Nursing Portfolio.

Response 3: Anthony

The discussion post offers an analysis on how to improve testing taking skills. The author acknowledges that tests are stressful events accompanied by much anxiety and nerves as the possibility of either failing or passing the test could be hard to bear. Some of the stress can be reduced by being well prepared in terms of studying for the test, good time management, and skimming through the questions to understand them before answering. Still, there are other supportive strategies that can be adopted to include exercising with revision questions to gain confidence in the exam (Nugent & Vitale, 2020). Overall, the discussion has been well presented. Developing a Nursing Portfolio.

Response 4: Letesha

The discussion post presents an analysis on how to improve test taking skills. The author notes that reading and understanding the questions important for ensuring that the required response is offered. In addition, arriving at the test time early is important. Besides that, listening to the instructions, answering the questions and keeping a positive attitude is important. Still, revising with others who would take or have taken the same test is important so as not to overlook important concepts (Nugent & Vitale, 2020). Overall, the discussion has been well presented. Developing a Nursing Portfolio.


A nursing portfolio is a collection of documents that demonstrates your professional goals, accomplishments, competencies and skillsNurses in a sense keep a portfolio to show future employers who they are and what they have done. A nursing portfolio is a tool used by nurses to help them secure a nursing job. A nursing portfolio does not need to be confused with a resume.  The type of information that is included in a Nurse Portfolio can be: Developing a Nursing Portfolio.

  • Title page
    • Table of contents
    • Professional mission statement
    • Cover letter
    • Copy of CV or resume
    • Professional licensure/certifications
    • Transcripts (if a new graduate nurse, or applying for a new role upon completion of a higher  educational degree)
    • Performance evaluations
    • Examples of professional work (education, articles, research, advance roles)
    • Professional development activities/memberships in professional organizations


When putting together my nursing portfolio I will include any certifications that I received while working as a nurse to show the additional skills and competencies that I have gained. I will also include professional letters from current and former employers. And I will also include the Nursing organizations that I have joined or affiliated with. I would also submit my portfolio electronically or keep an electronic copy of my own record, and will keep plenty of paper copies to use if needed. Developing a Nursing Portfolio.

Source: Alfred, L. (2016). Polishing your professional portfolio. Radiation Therapist, 25(1), 87-88.


well-developed portfolio provides potential employers with a deeper understanding of the scope of your professional experience, education, evaluations and awards. Nurses who have invested valuable time and energy in their careers should highlight their accomplishments in a clear, organized manner. The use of a professional portfolio will not replace a CV or resume, but will complement those materials, while validating your professional accomplishments. Developing a Nursing Portfolio.


A nursing portfolio is confirmation of your nursing education, licensure and employment history. You also need to offer supporting documents, which provide proof of your achievements. If you recently graduated from nursing school or completed an advanced degree program, you may want to provide your transcripts.

Items that should be included the following in a nursing  portfolio:

  • Title page.
  • Table of contents.
  • Cover letter.
  • Name, address, contact info, health records.
  • Level of preparation and type of degrees.
  • Professional licensure and specialty certifications.
  • Certification cards such as Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), Basic Life Support (BLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and Neonatal Advanced Life Support (NALS).
  • Continuing Education Unit (CEU) certificates.
  • Brief description of nursing roles and responsibilities throughout your career.
  • In-service training.
  • Performance evaluation and goals.
  • Professional development.
  • List of committees and volunteer projects.
  • Examples of professional or scholarly work such as articles or research.
  • Memberships in professional organizations.
  • Letters of recommendation and appreciation.

Developing a Nursing Portfolio.

I would want to submit a hard and an electronic copy of my portfolio

  1. Improving your test taking skills


When it comes to test day, there are so many nerves and anxiety built up in my head and my body. My heart starts to palpate from my chest and the nail biting has began with me. As soon as I sit down for the test, I feel like my mind just gets too scared and doesnt want to go and attack the test. I often struggle with trying to control my anxiety before and during the test. I have a couple strategies thought that I try and use to help me during the test and help me relax during it as well. My goal at the end of it though is to take on the NCLEX in the end and pass it with confidence before and after the test. Previous exams in the past I was so nervous to go into the test and take it, even though I had studied my butt off and had all this knowledge in my head. My number one negative is that I always think of the worst outcome in my head, and I dont know why it ends up like that or why I think like that, but I am working on trying to only have a positive mindset when I go into a test and coming out of it.

Developing a Nursing Portfolio.

A couple test taking strategies I have would start off with being able to manage my time during the test. During nursing school, our exams we usually have a minute or minute and a half to answer one question. If I have the opportunity to gather a minute or extra itme during my test from knowing a test answer off the bat, it will help relax me and focus. I need to also sit before the test for about 5-10 minutes to help myself relax. Having a mindset that is racing would not help me focus what so ever. Another strategy going off that would be to read the whole question that is there. I usually have a tendency to skim through the question and not read the whole question. This usually results in sometimes me mis reading the question and me getting the quesiton wrong. This leads me to my other test taking strategy, which is to read every answer and rule out which ones are the wrong answers. Act like each question is a true or false question and rule out each option available so it results in one option remaining. Developing a Nursing Portfolio.


I feel that in areas of test taking I can use a lot of improvement on is reading too much into the question. I always read what´s not there or what the question is not asking. It makes me get what I know is right wrong if that makes any sense. Some strategies that I could use when test taking is to be prepared, always allow for extra time so get to the destination early, listen to last minute instructions by the professor, read the test directions very carefully and pay attention to the details, plan how you will use the time given to you, make sure you answer all the questions, keep a positive attitude, and go with your first impressions because it usually right.

I could use all of these strategies to help with my test taking. I am usually running late for everything, I second guess myself on a lot of questions, and I am not always as prepared as I could be.

I know that if I keep a positive attitude and start studying earlier I could eliminate over half my problems. The other half is really my fault because early to bed early to rise is what my mother always say(lol). Developing a Nursing Portfolio.