Determinants of Health Essay.

Determinants of Health Essay.


Determinants of health such as psychological, developmental and educational encompass a range of personal, economical, social and environmental factors that influence health status. It incorporates an individual’s biology and genetics but is heavily dependent on ones behavior. The physical conditions of the environment, the availability and quality of health services as well as the involvement of the government can all affect the way an individual lives. By implementing and allocating the proper dosage of these factors then we can actualize a culture where everyone has an opportunity to longer and healthier lives.


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Some biological and genetic factors are that of age, sex, family history of cardiovascular health, carrying genes that are related to ovarian and breast cancer. Health conditions that are inevitable such as being born with HIV, sickle-cell anemia, hemophilia, and cystic fibrosis are also factored in when looking at biology because it sets the stage for what one can do and cannot do because one is not born with a clean slate. When one is born free of physical disease ideally families are to establish good habits such as diet, physical activity (exercise), preventing the use of alcohol, cigarette or any other form of drugs.Determinants of Health Essay.


The role that an individual acquires factors in their health outcome. It is simply the fact why so many public healthcare interventions are focused on changing and educating the public on the risk of substance abuse, bad diet or lack of physical activity. The environments where people are born, live, learn, play, work and age must have the resources to meet the daily needs. One should have job opportunities that compensate living wages and educational opportunities where quality schools is not affected by socioeconomic conditions such as we see greatly in concentrated poverty stricken areas.

One should have access to social support and interaction free of crime, violence and social disorder. It is unfortunate that a great majority of areas that are lack the things that should be a right also have to deal with disparities related to health services. In health services, the lack of or limited access to quality healthcare can impact an individual’s health. The drawbacks to accessing health services are related to lack of availability, high cost and lack of insurance coverage.

These drawbacks usually lead to unmet health needs, delay in care, inability to get preventive care and avoidable hospitalizations. Policies made at different levels of the government such as local, state and federal can positively affect the outcome of a populations health like increasing taxes on tobacco sales can prevent the use improving the overall health. Women with severe mobility impairments compared to women without impairment are more likely to develop diabetes, it has been reported that out of 443 women 35% of them attributed their physical state as a result of diabetes.Determinants of Health Essay.

Diabetes and the coexistence of disability increased the use of health care services, unemployment, work absenteeism and decreased of quality of life and the problem become more severe in women who are African American and Latinas. In order to reduce these increasing numbers’ of diabetes we can educate ourselves by understanding insulin resistance and watch for the signs, get regular annual screening and exercise by walking five days per week or workout at least three days per week for 30 minutes.

Reasonable goals and weight controls can assist in reducing the chances of diabetes along with reducing carbohydrate intake. It is also important if at a higher risk, one can purchase a home glucose testing device so that one can determine even within normal range what other steps can be taken in order to prevent the continuing development of diabetes. The interrelationship among these factors are what determines the overall individual and culture health. An ecological approach to these interventions is what is going to be most effective in accessing disparities but it must begin in the home with your own situation.Determinants of Health Essay.